The better tool to monitor grounding resistors


The NGRM700 is the most advanced device that allows continuous NGR monitoring to provide peace of mind that the power system grounding is intact.

The NGRM700 neutral grounding resistor monitor measures the resistance of the NGR for High Resistance Grounded Systems (HRG). Its monitoring capabilities include NGR current, voltage and continuity, phase-to-ground voltage. The ideal relay to protect the grounding system and to provide main or backup ground-fault detection. The relay can connect to a communications network and stores data onboard for local or remote viewing.

The NGRM700 allows the user to meet their local code requirements including the proposed 2018 CSA Section 10-302 - which requires detection of a ground-fault on the conductor connecting the NGR to the source and of loss of continuity of the impedance grounding circuit for any impedance grounded circuit used.

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 We are proud to announce the release of our most advanced Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) Monitor, the NGRM700. This protective relay offers industry-leading protection providing additional safety on high-resistance-grounded transformers and generators. It exceeds regulatory requirements and exceeds the limitations of other devices on the market by detecting open and shorted resistors in both active and passive monitoring. The NGRM700 can detect ground faults by monitoring AC and DC NGR current using selectable filtering. It will also detect a neutral-to-ground fault. It is capable of measuring phase voltages and can indicate which phase has a ground fault, which, combined with pulser control helps to make fault location faster and saves expensive downtime. The detachable graphical display can be panel mounting or attached to the relay. Each unit is equipped with Ethernet communications. Production units are now available for installation.

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