Bender UK among top 10 Data Center Solution Providers

Top 10 Data Center Solution Providers

Even the smallest service outage is not acceptable to data center operators and their customers; it can lead to major service issues and undermine confidence in the resilience of the services they provide.

Tier 3 and 4 data centers are designed with redundant power from source to socket, to counter single failures. But power outages in data centers can still occur. Redundant designs are deemed to be concurrently maintainable but switching off systems even for periodic inspection, and testing carries with it the restart risk.

Continuous power monitoring systems from Bender are designed to remove the need for power shutdowns and meet the demand for advanced data center availability and resilience. Residual current monitoring (RCM) systems provide early warning of problems and enable predictive maintenance to deal with problems before they arise, effectively eliminating unscheduled shutdowns.

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