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The services we offer range from telephone support to repairs and site calls. Thanks to our state-of-the-art instrumentation and expert staff we can solve almost any request and query. In line with our motto of “The customer has priority”, we adopt a flexible and non-bureaucratic approach to your issue. We look forward to your enquiry.

Customer Service Center - First Level Support

Support from the Grünberg Support Centre

By phone or e-mail, development of visualisation and communication solutions. 

Details on Support

Customer Service Center - Repair Service

Repair Service in the Grünberg Repair Centre

We check, repair and update your devices and provide replacement devices, in case of an emergency.


Field Service

On-site training

Our service technicians provide technical support, commissioning and maintenance of your installation.


Bender Remote Assist

safe remote service

Remote services involve providing services for the customer’s plants and products from a different location using appropriate communication technologies. The service provided can range from diagnoses, configuration and parameterisation through to servicing or determining maintenance measures.

Proactive services, multimedia communication and increased service efficiency are key aspects of the remote service. The service partners offer individual service packages for this. The remote service can be implemented using various technologies: via telephone support or online communication as well as by accessing plants with a modem, VPN, VPN server or smart remote platform that allows complex administration.

Examples of remote services


Remote diagnostics

In the case of remote diagnostics, the service partner accesses the customer’s system using appropriate communication technologies and diagnoses the problem. This service forms the basis for a remote service contract.


Online communication support

Online communication allows visual communication between the customer and their service partner. The situation on site is transmitted to the service partner by video livestream and the partner gives direct instructions to the customer or their service engineer.


Remote servicing

Remote servicing entails servicing and repairing plants and devices using two systems in separate places. The services range from reading individual plant parameters through to a complete plant check.


Software and configuration update

Many plants and devices require software updates to be performed at regular intervals. In order to ensure smooth plant operation, subsequent configuration updates may also be necessary.


Proactive servicing

Proactive servicing allows the service partner to act with foresight. By means of diagnoses and remote servicing, knowledge can be gained that aids the customer and their service partner in solving problems. As a result, maintenance, a software update or repair work can be planned and carried out.


Network of experts

The communication options provided by the remote service allow end-to-end coordination between qualified experts from different disciplines as part of a network of experts. Service engineers, product managers and developers can use the remote infrastructure to find a solution to the customer’s problem together.


Fault monitoring

Fault monitoring is an elementary area of remote services. Using an appropriate means of communication (text message, e-mail, phone call, etc.), fault signals can be reported to the customer or service partner in order to rectify the fault as quickly as possible.


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Bender Remote Assist


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