Public AC charge parks in Bremen

Easy charging

In Bremen the expansion of the charging infrastructure has been at a standstill since 2019. Therefore a start-up decided to change this, and in 2021 "Eulektro" was founded. It is this company's goal to expand the charging infrastructure in and around Bremen significantly. Already the first of altogether nine charge parks planned for 2022 were opened in this Hanseatic town in that year. All the installed charging stations are by ebee smart technologies based in Berlin.

Local charging infrastructure

The first of Eulektro's charge parks in Bremen has six AC charging stations and is part of the "local charging infrastructure" programme subsidised by the federal government. Eulektro had planned further eight such charge parks with 53 charging points for Bremen in 2022. Presently altogether eight are operative and a further seven scheduled to be completed by the end of the year are in various build or planning stages. Also, interested parties can make suggestions for the location of further charge parks. (s. Johannes Pallasch, speaker of the management team of the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure commented the project: "Bremen goes ahead and shows what modern inner-city charging of E-vehicles can look like. For easy charging shall be possible everywhere where people are. With the aid of nationwide subsidies thousands of new local charging points are created all over Germany."

When expanding the charging infrastructure in Bremen, Eulektro relies on the cost-effective installation of charging stations in existing neighbourhoods and has chosen the charging point "Berlin" by ebee. ebee's products meet the common standard on the market, can be used universally and are easy to configure with any chosen backend management system. Irrespective of whether as wallbox, lamppost charging point or as stand-alone solution in single or double pole design, its effortless integration into the existing infrastructure permits immediate operation.

The charging owl

The so-called "charging owl" (as Eulektro, the company that has the German word for owl in its name, christened the charging station) can supply a charging power of up to 22 kW and is furnished with an intelligent and upgradeable load management system. Therefore, in the event that the available installed load is exceeded, the load management distributes the available charging power fairly. On its home page the enterprise lists further details: Every charge park consisting of six charging stations is initially connected to the electricity grid, but only with 60 kW – which should be sufficient considering the AC charging capacity of the common plug-in hybrid and battery-electric vehicles, even if most or all of the plug-in points are used. However, if the installed capacity is nevertheless exceeded, the load management still "fairly distributes" the available power. If Eulektro notices that the 60 kW are regularly reached at one location, the installed capacity can be increased later on.

A future firmware update shall enable contactless payment by debit card at all the charging stations. Eulektro intends to have started operation of all in all 100 charging points in Bremen by the end of 2023. In this endeavour, they focus on charging hubs with a minimum of six AC charging points.

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Questions to Eulektro

Eulektro is a company whose goal it is to actively expedite the expansion of the public charging infrastructure in Bremen. Eulektro wants to create an affordable charging infrastructure for everyone and hence relies on the cost-efficient AC charging infrastructure by ebee. With the aid of the "local charging infrastructure" funding programme Eulektro built the first eight charge parks with a total of 51 AC charging points in 2022.

Contrary to most municipal utilities, Eulektro builds at least six AC plug-in points per charge park, which has permitted reducing the installation as well as operating costs per charging point significantly. Also, such a charge park with six charging points is a decidedly more reliable solution for the customer and permits much better planning.

The Chargespot Berlin by ebee smart technologies uses the Bender charge controller CC612 with intelligent load management. The load management by ebee can adapt the charging power to the current demand and thus ensure a uniform load on the power supply from the grid.

The ebee solutions enable Eulektro to create a charging infrastructure that is affordable, reliable and easy to put into operation. The ebee charging infrastructure uses modern solutions for charging such as intelligent load management, which helps to achieve uniform utilisation of the power supply from the grid.

Also, the charging point is robust and simply designed so that maintenance and repair are easy to perform and in parts can even be carried out independently from the manufacturer.

At the ebee charging points users can pay with all the common apps or with a charge card. Also, a software update will make payments via debit card possible, i. e. independent from any contract.