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Bender technology can already be found in hospitals, ensuring the reliability of the power supply and thus the safety of patients and medical staff. For example, holistic safety solutions in group 2 rooms where the use of an unearthed system (IT system) is mandatory because an interruption of the power supply would pose a risk to the life of the patient being treated. Or signalling, operating and display panels that form a bridge between the medical staff and the installed technology. Bender has now created a complete electrical safety package by including e-mobility solutions for public and non-public car parks of hospitals.

Update of existing charging infrastructure

After facing various problems regarding traceability and calibration law with the charging technology that had only recently been installed in its hospital car parks, a large German hospital group with several locations turned to the company E-Mobiliy Ladekonzepte GmbH in Speyer. This led Rene Pätzold (Managing Director of E-Mobility Ladekonzepte) to contact Bender. Together with the customer and the responsible Bender field representative, a new charging concept was developed to retrofit the existing charging infrastructure and expand it with additional charging stations to allow for various billing options.

The existing charging stations were quickly upgraded to the current state of the art. The "old" charging points were equipped or retrofitted with Bender technology to provide new charging stations in addition to the upgraded ones at several locations of the hospital group, not only for their pool vehicles and employees with and without company cars, but also for visitors with electric vehicles. The next expansion stages are already scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Charge controllers for safe charging

With the CC612 and CC613 charge controllers, Bender provides the basis for an AC charging station or wallbox that stands out not only due to its cost-effectiveness and safety. The compact design combined with a variety of integrated interfaces and functionalities enables a versatile and cost-optimised use of the controller from networked charging infrastructures to compact wallboxes, standard-compliant according to the new IEC 62955 for DC residual current monitoring.

In addition, the integrated dynamic load management (DLM) ensures an optimal and efficient distribution of the available energy among all vehicles to be charged. The built-in 6 mA DC residual current detection enables the use of an RCD type A (no RCD type B necessary), which makes it interesting for both operators and fleet managers.

In combination with the CC612 charge controller (predecessor of the CC613), the technical basis for billing in compliance with German calibration law is also provided. Solutions compliant with calibration law provide clarity when charging electric vehicles and ensure kWh-accurate billing. All components involved in the collection and in the processing of measured values up to the invoice amount must be trustworthy. At least it must be possible to check the invoice based exclusively on trustworthy components

Central billing

With Bender technology included in the charging stations from a wide range of manufacturers, the hospital group now has all the advantages of safe and future-proof charging while using only one payment method for all charging processes. The following scenarios are possible:

For employees, the following applies: Billing and payment is handled centrally by the hospital's financial accounting department.

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Dr. Fabian Horst, Business Unit eMobility, Produktmanagement
Marita Schwarz-Bierbach, MC

About E-Mobility Ladekonzepte GmbH in Speyer

As an independent and long-standing consultant, E-Mobility Ladekonzepte GmbH designs individual charging options and infrastructure that are precisely tailored to customer needs. In the process, an individual overall concept is developed for the customer that includes everything from the initial idea to feasibility, planning, commissioning, operation, billing, service and maintenance.

When selecting the charging station, E-Mobility Ladekonzepte GmbH relies on the proven Bender technology, which enables charging station operation across manufacturers. This means that the customer is not tied to a specific charging station manufacturer. Furthermore, E-Mobility Ladekonzepte GmbH cooperates with experienced electrical contractors throughout Germany.

Information about E-Mobility Ladekonzepte GmbH can be found here:



CC612 Datasheets 515.6 KB EN2021/10/0808.10.2021D00325


Charge Controller

CC613 Laderegler
CC613 charge controller

The next generation of smart charge controllers

Charge Controller

CC613 Laderegler
CC613 charge controller

The next generation of smart charge controllers



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