Managing Director Bender Canada Inc.

Amir Mojtahed

What does the new company claim, "Design the future of energy", mean to you?

"Bender is recognised in Canada as the leading provider of intelligent electrical safety solutions. Design the Future of Energy represents Bender’s commitment to innovation and our focus on connected technology solutions to protect customers and help them move in the direction of sustainability, carbon reduction and technological advancement.

The future of energy is increasingly becoming decentralised, digital, and green with energy storage playing an increasingly crucial role. Digital connectivity is a key part of decentralisation and a hot topic in Canada. Canada is a vast country, and many of our customers operate in remote areas where they need connected monitoring solutions and remote access. 

Why Bender?  Expertise in energy efficiency is vital for markets that value reliability, resilience and innovation to get the most out of assets.  Asset Performance Monitoring (APM) has become a huge priority since COVID-19 in Canada and worldwide.  Our customers need to protect those assets In remote locations and ensure operational reliability. 

Previously, if there was a problem, a customer would simply replace a generator or a motor, but lead times and the growing cost have changed substantially, so they want to monitor each asset to maximize asset utility and ensure operational reliability. We have been talking for years about tailored solutions for Asset Performance Monitoring - and now they are listening.

Industrial sectors like paper and pulp, water treatment, mining, and utilities increasingly rely on Bender's solutions for battery energy storage in remote areas.  They ask: ‘How can we monitor performance and enhance asset reliability?’ Bender's tailored Asset Performance Monitoring solutions answer these critical questions, paving the way to collaboratively Design the Future of Energy."