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Design the future of energy

The new claim, “Design the future of energy”, arouses curiosity: "What does it mean?”

Bender has developed at a rapid pace in recent years, welcoming new people, new companies, new business divisions and new regions. The new claim unites all of these developments and focuses on what has always made Bender special and will continue to do so in the future.

A number of statements that reveal the meaning of this claim for various members of the Bender Group have been collected.

Chair of the Advisory Board of the Bender Group

Dorothea Bender Fernandéz

Our solutions have always been much more than just electrical components hidden away in control cabinets. With our products, we have already been enabling and shaping the future of energy for quite some time.

Chief Sales Officer / GM Bender Group

Heinz Nowicki

For me, designing the future of energy at Bender means developing into a system partner for safety technology and energy, and shifting our focus from managing energy to shaping it. This is a huge task that we are already successfully tackling in a variety of applications.

Joint Managing Director Bender Inc.

David Knecht

The focus on awareness of the present dangers of electricity and the risk that comes with the absence of electricity is still central to the philosophy of Bender, but we are now centring that safety commitment around developing intelligent solutions to make electricity both safer and smarter

Managing Director Bender UK

Gareth Brunton

Energy is one of the big challenges for the future, and the focus of Bender is shifting in line with a change in the way our customers and key markets now look at electrical power. Bender has a vital role to play in that energy-driven future.

Vice President APAC

Michael Breuer

Our claim is a promise that we will take care of the future and use our unique knowledge to develop new solutions. Electrical safety is our core competence and will therefore remain a strong focus. It is where we are from, what we specialise in and what we will continue to use as a foundation for our future development.

Technical Director Bender UK

Mumtaz Farooqi

Bender is starting to employ the latest technology including AI and machine learning to push the boundaries of holistic intelligent power management, combining the generated data with human expertise and experience of customer business sectors to deliver the solutions they need now and in the future.  That is how we are helping to design that future.

Managing Director Bender Canada

Amir Mojtahed

The future of energy is increasingly becoming decentralised, digital, and green with energy storage playing an increasingly crucial role. Digital connectivity is a key part of decentralisation and a hot topic in Canada. Canada is a vast country, and many of our customers operate in remote areas where they need connected monitoring solutions and remote access.