Managing Director Bender UK

Gareth Brunton

What does the new company claim, "Design the future of energy", mean to you?

„Energy is one of the big challenges for the future, and the focus of Bender is shifting in line with a change in the way our customers and key markets now look at electrical power

Bender has a vital role to play in that energy-driven future.

Knowledge is power.  If managers don’t know what’s going on within their electrical systems how can they make the right decisions?

So stating that we ‘Design the Future of Energy’ reflects the fact that we spend our time thinking about how energy is used by businesses, and how information gathered from their systems can enable them to be smarter and safer in their energy use.

Bender technology offers outstanding opportunities for informing businesses how their energy infrastructure is performing; where power is being used efficiently and where it is being wasted, where there are early warning signs of problems and where changes now can deliver added value in the future.

Users concerned primarily with outages and resilience also want to reduce costs but not at the expense of operational efficiency, so they accept recurring issues within electrical systems as the cost of doing business. Hardware within their systems may gather data about how their energy infrastructure is performing, but do they have the capability to organise and interpret that information?

Bender has developed advanced technical capability and smart technology to benefit customers.  Energy management, power quality management, cloud-based information and remote access to customer systems; all of these are areas where we have worked with our customers to create  class-leading solutions that sit alongside the high levels of service and compliance for which Bender is well known.

Bender has for many years been defined as ‘The Power in Electrical Safety’ because safety is embedded within the company DNA and that is not going away.

We are now expanding the perception of Bender to project new business imperatives; to use energy more intelligently and through monitoring, data collection and analysis to understand what is happening within the power infrastructure of the businesses we work with across healthcare, defence, industry, manufacturing, ports, renewables, transport, or EV charging. 

World-leading companies already accept Bender as a valued business partner.  We now aim to educate businesses not just about what we do, but what we can do to Design the Future of Energy. "