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A charging station for public spaces would be nothing without a sustainable and reliable charge controller. As the heart of every smart charging station, it communicates with the vehicle and the backend, monitors the internal hardware of the charging system, the user interfaces and the connection from the charging station to the vehicle. Amperfied GmbH relied on a charge controller from Bender for the development of its charging station. 

We spoke to the team from Amperfied GmbH and the team from Bender eMobility and take stock of this successful partnership.


How did this cooperation come about?

Amperfied GmbH: Bender GmbH has been a reliable partner in the printing press sector for many years. There, reliable hardware is an important part of our concept for success and as they say: “never change a running system“. It was therefore only logical for us to rely on the well-known and successful partnership for our charging station as well, 

Bender eMobility Team: The cooperation between the two companies has been very successful for many years. In this specific case, Amperfied GmbH approached us during the development of their new charging station. The team at Amperfied knew exactly what specifications the charge controller should have. One of the decisive criteria was that the charging station had to comply with calibration law. We already have numerous customers who have implemented charging stations that comply with calibration regulations using our CC613 charge controller. In addition to the functionality of calibration-compliant charging, the CC613 has many other functionalities that have made the charge controller interesting for Amperfied GmbH. 

What was the aim of the cooperation?

Amperfied GmbH: Electromobility is on the upswing and is a very dynamic market. For us, the future is the benchmark and we will only live up to our claims as a provider of future-proof charging solutions if we focus on the rapid further development of charging technology. We therefore hoped that the joint cooperation would result in a constructive exchange of know-how that would further advance AC charging technology and support us in the implementation of our first charging station that complies with calibration laws. As Bender has already been able to convince in more than 20 commercial backends, guarantees high connectivity (EEBus, ISO 15118, OCPP 1.6) and enables comprehensive dynamic load management, we were confident that we would be able to meet this demand. 

Bender eMobility Team: Already during our first contact with this project, it became clear in conversation that, in addition to the functionalities already mentioned, the time factor plays an important role for them. The goal was to bring the charging station to the market in a timely manner. Since our charge controller was already certified and Amperfied GmbH had very good experience with the predecessor model CC612, a cooperation was quickly put into practice. 

What did you particularly appreciate about the cooperation?

Amperfied GmbH: The short communication channels with fixed contact persons, which took place at eye level at all times, should be emphasised. Communication was always smooth, flexible and fast. In general, our cooperation was characterised by a partnership-based way of working that was super structured across all subject areas. We are currently working on a pilot project with the aim of integrating payment terminals locally in the charging station. But also the sharing of experiences in calibration law, in certification procedures, in customising web interfaces or also various workshops on the integration of customer-oriented hardware and software remain positively in my memory. 

Bender eMobility Team: In the field of charging infrastructure, Amperfied GmbH is one of the biggest players in the EU market and is full of passion and ambition to play a major role in shaping the future of electromobility. We share this noticeable verve and are proud to be a part of the future success. In addition - and here we can only endorse Amperfied teams comments - there is the extremely trusting cooperation based on partnership at all times. 

What added value do you see in each other's product?

Amperfied GmbH: The CC613 charge controller from Bender GmbH is indispensable for a convenient charging experience and the success of our charging solution. It is the heart of the charging station as it communicates with the vehicle and the backend to control the integrated dynamic load management and monitors the internal hardware of the charging system, the user interfaces and the connection between the vehicle and the charging station. One advantage of many is that the CC613 has an integrated emergency release so that the plug can be easily pulled out of the vehicle or charging station if there should be a power failure in the charging station. Normally, this requires an extra component to be installed. We were able to dispense with this in favour of a clear, uncluttered interior. A fact that electricians in particular should appreciate. 


Bender eMobility Team: The Amperfied Chargespot connect.public charging station for public spaces is characterised above all by its functionality, cost-effectiveness and future viability. With a charging power of 22 kW per charging point, integrated dynamic load management, RFID authentication or even legally compliant billing due to calibration law conformity, it corresponds to the state of the art. However, the really special feature of the charging station - and an absolute added value for the end user - is the barrier-free design, which also enables people with restricted mobility to charge without any problems. A great and important development with which we identify 100%. The low installation effort due to an integrated mains connection box is also particularly worth mentioning. 

What is your company's vision?

Amperfied GmbH: As a technology leader, we at Amperfied GmbH want to make our contribution to an emission-free and liveable future. We know that a part of society still views electromobility with scepticism and that it will still be a long way to go to convince even the last enthusiast of the combustion engine of the advantages of e-mobility. But we firmly believe in the potential of electromobility for a successful energy transition and in our high quality standards in development, production and service. If then, hopefully by 2050 at the latest, all 48.5 million vehicles registered in Germany will be fully electric and our charging solutions will have made a significant contribution to the success of electromobility, we will be satisfied. 

Bender eMobility Team: Our goal is to shape the future of energy. Global markets will continue to change rapidly in the future. We are pioneers in electrical safety today and would like to remain so in the future. 

The development of the charging infrastructure in Germany is in full swing right now. How do you remain fit for the future?

Amperfied GmbH: We are in active exchange with strong partners in the field of electromobility. However, the most important thing is to look at the needs of our customers and to have a feeling for identifying the problems and opportunities on the market. Based on this, we work on the continuous development of our product portfolio and expand our areas of interest in the systems business. Flexibility and a hands-on mentality are an absolute must in such a dynamic market as electromobility.

Bender eMobility Team: We continuously invest in our software and hardware and incorporate the feedback we receive from our customers into our updates. We are also part of the most important committees and can therefore guarantee that our products will continue to meet all standards in the future.

Are future cooperations between the two companies planned?

Both: Yes, further cooperations are also planned for the future. We are currently working together on a pilot project for the integration of a payment terminal in accordance with the charging station ordinance, and further projects in the area of AC charging technology are also conceivable.

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