In Ethiopia, many young people have a hard time finding an education and a job from which they can live well and feed their families in the future. 
That's why we have teamed up with the SELAM aid organisation and launched our first social-electrical project: Bender@SELAM. 

That's what it's about: 
We enable 20  young people in Ethiopia to train as electricians and electronics technicians. In this way, we want to support them in building a professional future for themselves. 

Our task: 
We secure the costs for the 3-year training of the entire class. And because these trainees inspire us so much and the project is a matter of the heart , we would like to share this project with you and move it forward together. 

With Bender@SELAM, we want to give a chance to those who would otherwise have few opportunities. With this initiative, we enable young people to build a future for their lives with a professional foundation. 


Our motivation

High quality training
We want to enable 20 young people in Ethiopia to train as electricians and electronics technicians

Regular exchange
Through the cooperation with SELAM, we are in regular exchange with the trainees on site

Secure professional future
With the training we offer all participants the chance of a secure professional future and a good income

Electrical safety
Electrical safety is close to our hearts

Our project partner: The Swiss Children's Fund SELAM

The association "Ethiopische Kinderhilfe SELAM e.V.", founded on 4 February 1995, is a humanitarian aid organisation that supports and promotes needy children and young people in Ethiopia. 

SELAM offers up to four-year vocational training programmes inspired by the Swiss dual apprenticeship system (30% theory and 70% practice). In their own industrial, agricultural and hospitality businesses, apprentices can learn practical skills in 9 vocational areas. SELAM also works with external companies for internships. They are taught the basic theoretical and practical knowledge at our vocational school.