Returning waste equipment

Take-back of old devices (WEEE guideline 2012/19/EU)

Bender ist unter der WEEE Nummer: DE 43 124 402 beim Elektro-Altgeräte-Register eingetragen. (EAR)

We take back your devices that are no longer used if the device was acquired after 23 March 2006.

This provision does not apply to devices purchased before that date.

Your data concerning the take-back of old devices

Quick reference guide to our take-back scheme:

  1. Please fill in the form entirely.
  2. After sending the completed form, a summary of your data will be displayed. We will send another copy of your data to your mail address.
  3. Please print out this summary and submit it to us with your return shipment.
  4. Send the old device / devices to

Bender GmbH & Co. KG

Repair Service Department
Londorfer Str. 65
35305 Grünberg


This take-back system is exclusively intended for devices of Bender GmbH & Co. KG. Devices from other manufacturers will not be accepted by us and will be returned with postage unpaid.

We assure you that we will only use your data in the context of the take-back procedure and to enhance our products.