Control panel CP9xx for hospitals

Your control panel for hospitals: CP9xx

In nurses' stations, operating theatres or intensive care units, nurses and physicians now have to handle a wide range of equipment and controls. It is almost impossible to keep track of everything. Even more so if an electrical fault occurs somewhere in the system.
How can the medical and technical staff keep track of everything? The COMTRAXX® CP9xx from Bender is the answer.


The COMTRAXX® CP9xx is more than just a terminal. It is a control and information centre for medical and technical staff in hospitals. It allows them to keep track of all important devices, controls and the entire electrical installation besides many other functions.


Switching devices on and off, regulating the room climate, adjusting the light with precision, checking the level of medical gases, switching luminous door warning signs on or off, displaying the state of the entire electrical installation among many other things - all this is quite simple with the COMTRAXX® CP9xx.


Combined with measuring devices from Bender, the COMTRAXX® CP9xx reports faults in the electrical installation and provides the staff with information on what to do in the event of a fault. Thanks to consistent and intelligent networking, the hospital's technical control centre is informed simultaneously. This makes the COMTRAXX® CP9xx an important component for Hospital 4.0.

Areas of application for the COMTRAXX® CP9xx

Operating theatre
Lighting, surgical light, operating table controls, air conditioning, blinds, luminous door warning signs, timer, alarm function (acoustic and visual), medical gases, system monitoring, etc.


Nurses' station
Air conditioning, medical gases, luminous door warning signs, timer, alarm function (acoustic and visual), power supply, system monitoring, etc.

Intensive care unit
Lighting, air conditioning, device functions, medical gases, luminous door warning signs, blinds, timer, system monitoring, alarm function ( acoustic and visual), etc.

Technical control centre
System monitoring, common alarm, remote access, etc.

Advantages of the COMTRAXX® CP9xx for the users

  • Control centre and information terminal rolled into one
  • Quick overview of all important functions
  • Easy and intuitive operation via touch screen
  • Fault messages in plain text, no cryptic codes
  • Recommendations for action can be displayed
  • Glass front plate in 3 sizes:  7", 15", 24"
  • Hygienic, elegant and easy to clean
  • Workflows can be "programmed"
  • Technician is informed immediately of failures, problems or faults
  • In-house technician has direct access to the data and can intervene if necessary
  • Flexible and individual solutions possible based on customer requirements
  • First-level support from Bender via LTE or LAN over secure VPN connection
  • Modernisation and integration of existing systems possible

Example image for an individual solution of the CP9xx

  • Operating display BSV
  • Medical gases Ceiling/wall
  • Switching operating theatre light/satellite
  • Switching lighting and brightness
  • Circuit busy indicator / laser

Design and display according to customer requirements

  • Switching blinds / blackout
  • Charging tray Operating table control
  • Air-conditioning/ventilation with setpoint adjustment and setpoint/actual value display
  • Intercom station

The COMTRAXX® CP9xx – The future is now

The demands on medical staff in hospitals increase almost every day. Therefore, intelligent solutions are needed to relieve the burden on nurses and physicians. Not only intuitive operation of devices and systems plays an important role, but also consistent networking.

In this article, Daniel König explains why a networked operating theatre is a forward-looking idea.

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Infos and links

The COMTRAXX® CP9xx series

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Hospital solutions

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