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Chair of the Advisory Board of the Bender Group

Dorothea Bender Fernandéz

What does the new company claim, "Design the future of energy", mean to you?

"When developing our new claim, it was clear that it was not the task of a single department or location, but definitely a team effort. We therefore teamed up with key players from all regions, application areas and company divisions right from the start. We also asked our customers for their opinions because we wanted to create a framework that stands for the entire company, applies to all Group members and also appeals to our customers and partners.

The claim needed to be suitable for international use and offer enough scope for new ideas and developments. It had to do more than just promote our products. Instead, we wanted to transport a major, mutual idea to which we have been committed for many years. After all, our solutions have always been much more than just electrical components hidden away in control cabinets. We have already been using them to facilitate and shape the future of energy for quite some time.

We have established our reputation as a competent and reliable development partner over many decades. The name Bender counts for something on the market, and we are proud to state that we are an important enabler of electrical innovations. Many of our customers are industry leaders, absolute specialists and innovative forces in a wider variety of areas. When they consult us for help with their projects at an early stage, it is more than just a sign of trust; it reflects our shared desire to develop the future of energy.

In these current times, in which the demands placed on increasingly networked electrical installations and systems with artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly complex, having a detailed understanding of what’s going on is absolutely essential. Ever since our company was first founded, we have frequently known more about our customers’ electrical installations than they do themselves. This has always been a huge responsibility and another way in which we have shaped the future of energy and will continue to do so. Our commitment to this claim is reflected in all of our work, be it with regard to critical infrastructure facilities, energy safety, computer centres or the electrical safety of ships.

Against this background, our new claim is also a challenge for all employees and Bender Group members around the globe. It requires everyone to contribute all of their skills and expertise and work together to achieve something big, good and new – for the Bender Group, its partners and customers and ultimately every single individual.

For us, developing the future of energy also means making it electrically safe – in line with our roots. We achieve this with our products, devices, ideas and partnerships, all of which make a significant contribution to the safety of new solutions. With this goal in mind, we are also involved in standards committees and higher-level initiatives in the areas of hydro, e-mobility or DC networks.

As a partner that considers the big picture, we are a company that offers deep insights into an extremely wide variety of applications, industries and regions. What’s more, we are also able to develop so many new ideas that we can’t realise them all at once. This abundance of ideas and incentives forms the foundation from which we want to continue to actively shape the future of energy."