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The power supply unit AN110 is used to supply W…AB series measuring current transformers. The CTs are to be supplied with a symmetrical supply voltage of DC ± 12 V using a prefabricated WXS… series connecting cable.

The power supply unit is capable of supplying up to six W…AB series measuring current transformers.


  • Power supply for measuring current transformers W...AB series

AN110 Variant(s)

TypeSupply voltage US*Output voltageArt. No.
AN110-1AC 20…60 V/DC 18…72 V± 12 VB94053101
AN110-2AC 90…264 V/DC 100…353 V± 12 VB94053102

* Absolute values

Optional Accessories for AN110

Connecting cables for W…AB measuring current transformers

TypeLengthArt. No.
WXS-1001 mB98080506
WXS-2502,5 mB98080507
WXS-5005 mB98080508
WXS-100010 mB98080509

Downloads for AN110

CE Declarations of conformity AN110 84.1 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2312.08.2022 06:17:23
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