Bender Charge Controller CC613 in the dezony IQ Wallbox

Charge controller for safe charging

Electrical safety is crucial both in the electric vehicle and during the charging process. The right charge controller is also crucial, as it ensures the necessary electrical safety during charging.
With the Charge Controller CC613, Bender offers the basis for an AC charging station or wallbox that is not only characterized by economy and safety. The compact design in combination with a multitude of integrated interfaces and functionalities opens up a diverse and cost-optimized use of the controller from networked charging infrastructures to compact wallboxes.

Technological features

Anyone who wants to optimally charge their electric car at home needs a future-proof charging solution. Factors such as fast charging times and different charging capacities are not the only decisive factors here.
Wallboxes of the future must have a wide range of technological functionalities and high demands are also placed on the design. An increasingly important factor is also the connection of the wallbox to other technical solutions in the home. The intelligent coupling of self-generated electricity by means of an in-house photovoltaic system is one of the top priorities here.

dezony IQ - More than just a wallbox

The dezony IQ wallbox offers exactly these features and is equipped with the CC613 charge controller. The wallbox can be updated over-the-air and is thus optimally prepared for future changes.
At regular intervals, the various inverters and battery storage systems are integrated into the existing software and thus updated. Services such as company car billing and real-time electricity tariffs are also rolled out. Even dezony IQ wallboxes already installed at the time, will receive these updates. The dezony IQ system can be controlled via a native smartphone app for Android and iOS customers.
In addition, the wallbox has an integrated 230 V socket and is a real eye-catcher thanks to its integrated lighting system, which makes charging an electric car an experience.

Why Bender?

The managing directors of dezony, Rüdiger Sonntag, Marco Schomber and Davide Di Bella have always focused on safe and absolutely high-quality products. For this reason, they chose a charge controller from Bender. "The excellent support of the team of the company Bender both technologically and strategically, is very important for us! In order to permanently offer the best solution, it is crucial for us to continuously develop. This strategy lives the company Bender and proves it permanently by means of new firmware and hardware updates of the products", says Marco Schomber.

Features CC613 HEM-X2

  • Monitoring of the internal hardware of the charging system, the user interfaces and the connection of the charging station to the car
  • Integrated dynamic load management (DLM)
  • Updateable
  • Built-in fault current detection
  • Ethernet interface and integrated 4G modem if required
  • ISO15118
  • Connection to internal electricity meter