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Lounge & Learn: Ground Fault Sensors in Level II EV Charging Stations

Join us for a webinar as we explore 6/20mA sensor technology for the ground fault protection of AC/DC power circuits in EV Charging stations. The…


30 - 01.07.2021

Milton Keynes

Stand B11

The new SmartDetect ISOMETER® iso415R Insulation Monitor

Introducing our new SmartDetect iso415R – the compact insulation monitoring device for use in ungrounded systems. It combines easy operation, multiple…

The magazine for electrical safety: MONITOR 1/2021

We would like to present you our jubilee edition of our "MONITOR" magazine.


Kernfunktion des Ladereglers
On-demand expert talk: Core functions of the CC613 charge controller

In this expert talk the core functions of the CC613 charge controller are presented, by answering the following questions: How future-proof is the…

Dynamisches Lastenmanagement
On-demand expert talk: Dynamic load management (DLM)

In this expert talk you will learn more about DLM and how it can ensure a stable load distribution in a charging park or for home users.

Infrastruktur Sensorik
On-demand expert talk: Infrastructure sensors

What effects do DC residual currents have on the upstream electrical installation? This expert talk is about infrastructure sensors and the questions…

Isolationsüberwachung Fahrzeug
On-demand expert talk: Vehicle sensors (insulation monitoring)

How and with what can I be protected against an electric shock from my electric vehicle? That is a question everyone driving an electric vehicle has.…

CC613 Homeuser
On-demand expert talk: Charging at home - core functions of the CC613 charge controller

This expert talk is about our new charge controller variants for charging at home. Which functions are necessary for home-wallboxes and how they can…

CP9xx - Das Melde- und Bedientableau
On-demand expert talk: CP9xx alarm indicator and operator panel for operating theatres

In this expert talk, we will explain how the networking of the building services with a CP9xx operating theatre alarm indicator and operator panel…