Operating industrial robots and welding equipment safely

[] Roboter- und Schweisstechnik

Medium-frequency welding systems are used in many production systems. These are generally welding robots which are fitted with the corresponding welding tongs. Simple, efficient monitoring of the system requires visualisation of the fault current which is both meaningful and easy to interpret. This makes operating the system easier for the technical personnel and allows rapid response in the event of a fault. The AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring devices (RCMA) from Bender are considered the leading technical solution. They are built into the feed system before the weld converter and thus monitor not only the weld current circuit for fault currents. This means they protect you reliably against personal injury and damage to machinery.

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Recommended systems for insulation monitoring:

Recommended systems for residual current monitoring:

Recommended measuring current transformers:

Analysing and reporting:

  • EN 61557-8
  • EN 61557-9
  • EN 61557-15
  • IEC 60204-1
  • DIN EN 50178