SmartDetect - the next generation of electrical safetey

Compact, intelligent, simple and flexible

The SmartDetect generation of devices from Bender is characterised by a number of features that were not yet available or not available in the same way in existing products and solutions. With the new product generation for insulation monitoring and residual current monitoring of electrical systems, you are up to date and remain fit for the future.

The most important features of the SmartDetect family

The compact design, many functions

Bender has never been so slim! Whether the insulation monitoring device ISOMETER® iso415R, the residual current monitoring device RCM410R or the residual current monitoring system RCMS410 – these devices are only 0.7" wide. And yet our developers have managed to fit more functions into the smallest space than in previous insulation or residual current monitoring devices.

Simple and intuitive operation

Today, the market expects devices that are easy to operate even without a great deal of detailed knowledge. Ideally, everything should be self-explanatory without having to read long instruction manuals. Therefore, the operating elements of the SmartDetect devices are reduced to the essentials. Often even the factory settings can be used.

Setting via app

With the Bender Connect App, setting up the devices is child's play. Both in a de-energised state (even in the packaging) and during operation. In addition, settings can be saved, copied and transferred to other devices.

More interfaces

In addition to the Bender-internal interfaces, the SmartDetect devices have a Modbus RTU interface, which is also used by other suppliers. This makes it even easier to integrate the devices into a larger overall system. All devices also have an NFC interface. Operation with the Bender Connect App is possible via this.

More information and setting options

Even more settings can be made and measurement data read out via a web browser.

The most important features of the SmartDetect family

  • Small - the devices fit into any control cabinet
  • Cost-saving - No complicated installation and commissioning
  • Simple - setting the devices is very easy
  • Plug&Play - install and it runs - the devices can already be preset at the factory
  • App - control with the Bender Connect App - even in de-energised state
  • Connective - effortless integration into larger systems through existing interfaces
  • Communicative - Even more measured values and operating data available
  • Flexible - devices are suitable for many applications, in mechanical engineering, the process industry, data centres, wind turbines and many more.


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