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  • Electrical safety for unearthed power supplies (IT systems)
  • Insulation monitoring equipment, insulation fault location systems
  • Power supplies for medical applications
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Electrical safety for earthed power supplies (TN systems)
  • Using renewable energies efficiently: wind power, photovoltaics
  • Test systems for electrical equipment and medical technology


  • Numerous measured quantities (see features/functions)
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Limit value monitoring (setpoints) with alarm forwarding
  • Energy and power measurement with storage and Time of Use
  • Configurable start page with 4 measured quantities
  • N conductor measurement and monitoring (PEM353-N only)

The digital universal measuring device PEM353 is used to record and display measured quantities of an electricity supply network, and make them available via the communication interface.

The range of measurements extends from voltages and currents to power and energy meters to measured quantities of the voltage quality, such as THD and the individual harmonics up to the 31st order.

The PEM353 is suitable for use in 2-, 3- and 4-wire systems and in their respective versions as TN, TT and IT systems. This allows monitoring single and polyphase systems. With its standardised dimensions of 96 x 96 mm, the device is intended for front panel mounting.


1. Measurement of electrical quantities such as

– Phase voltages (individually + Σ) UL1, UL2, UL3 in V
– Line-to-line voltages (individually + Σ) UL1L2, UL2L3, UL3L1 in V
– Phase currents (individually + Σ) I1, I2, I3 in A
– Neutral current In (calculated) in A, I4 (measured, PEM353-N only) in A
– Residual current Ir (calculated, PEM353-N only) in A
– Frequency f in Hz
– Power per phase conductor (individually + Σ) P in kW, Q in kvar, S in kVA
– Displacement factor (individually + Σ) cos (φ)
– Power factor (individually + Σ) λ
– Active and reactive energy import (individually + Σ) in kWh, kvarh
– Active and reactive energy export (individually + Σ) in kWh, kvarh
– Voltage phase angle (LN or LL, individually) in °
– Current phase angle (individually) in °
– Voltage unbalance in %
– Current unbalance in %
– Harmonic distortion (THD, TOHD, TEHD) for U and I
– k-factor for I
– Crest factor for I
– Total demand distortion (TDD) for I

2. Energy meters

  • Accuracy class of the active energy acc. to IEC 62053-22: 0.5 S
  • LED (pulse) for active or reactive energy
  • 2 pulse outputs (PEM353-P only)
  • Total phase and individual phase energy metering
    – Import, export, net and total per active and reactive energy
    – Total apparent energy
  • Up to 4 pulse counters (e.g. gas, water, air, heat)​​​​​​

3. Times of Use for energy measurement

  • Up to 8 tariffs
  • Tariff switching via digital inputs or
  • Tariff switching according to schedule, 2 schedules
  • Total phase and individual phase energy metering per tariff
    – Import and export per active and reactive energy
    – Total apparent energy
  • Peak demand of the total phase power (P, Q, S) per tariff​​​​​

4. Energy meter log – 12 monthly values

  • Total phase energy metering
    – Import, export, net and total per active and reactive energy
    – Apparent energy
  • Total phase energy metering per tariff
    – Import and export per active and reactive energy
    – Total apparent energy


5. Load data for total phase power (P, Q, S) and currents

  • Configurable sliding average values/averaging (demand)
  • Demand forecasts of the next average value
  • Peak demand log with timestamp
    – Total phase power and currents (P, Q, S)
    – Total phase power per tariff (P, Q, S)

6. Log for max. and min. values for 45 measured quantities with timestamp

7. Limit value monitoring by means of setpoints and alarm forwarding

  • 9 parametrisable monitoring points (setpoints)
  • 25 measured quantities to choose from
  • Alerting via display and/or digital outputs (DO)
  • Monitoring for limit value violation (over/under limit value)
  • Hysteresis adjustable

8. Event log (SOE log)

  • 100 entries with timestamp, resolution 1 ms
  • Changes to setup, setpoints and DI/DO
  • System messages
  • Limit value violations

9. Load data log: daily and monthly values (PEM353-N only)

  • Daily log
    – 60 days (2 months)
    – Total phase energy per active, reactive and apparent energy
    – Peak demands of total phase power (P, Q, S)
  • Monthly log
    – 36 months (3 years)
    – Total phase energy per active, reactive and apparent energy
    – Monthly peak demands of total phase power with timestamp (P, Q, S)

10. Data recorders (PEM353-N only)

  • 5 recorders with up to 16 channels each
  • Channel selection from 328 measured quantities
  • Interval configurable: 60 s to 40 days
  • Recording time e.g. 100 days at a 15-minute interval

11.Easy and convenient operation

  • – Large backlit graphic display
    – Display password protection
    – Standard display with 4 selectable measured quantities

12. Other functions

  • Connection fault detection (frequency, voltage/current failure, wrong polarity of measuring current transformer, rotating field)
  • Operating hours counter

13. Communication interface and protocols

  • Galvanically isolated RS-485 interface (1,200 to 38,400 bit/s)
  • LED for communication activities
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • BACnet MS/TP
  • DNP


  • Modern indicating instrument for electrical quantities, e.g. as a replacement for analogue indicating instruments
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Limit value monitoring (setpoints) with alarm forwarding
  • Measurement and monitoring of the N conductor
  • Energy and power measurement, e.g. as part of energy data monitoring

LINETRAXX® PEM353 Variant(s)

TypeNominal system voltageCurrent input I1I2I3Current inputI4Digital outputsArt. No.
PEM3533(N)AC 230/400 V5 A-2 relay outputsB93100355
PEM353-P3(N)AC 230/400 V5 A-2 solid-state pulse outputsB93100354
PEM353-N3(N)AC 230/400 V5 A5 A2 relay outputsB93100353

Optional Accessories for LINETRAXX® PEM353

Window-type current transformer

DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
CTB3160 A5 A1WL60­5 KL.1B98086001
CTB3160 A1 A1WL60­1 KL.1B98086002
CTB3175 A5 A1WL75­5 KL.1B98086003
CTB3175 A1 A1WL75­1 KL.1B98086004
CTB31125 A5 A0,5WL125­5 KL.0,5B98086005
CTB31125 A1 A0,5WL125­1 KL.0,5B98086006
CTB31125 A5 A1WL125­5 KL.1B98086007
CTB31125 A1 A1WL125­1 KL.1B98086008
CTB31150 A5 A0,5WL150­5 KL.0,5B98086009
CTB31150 A1 A0,5WL150­1 KL.0,5B98086010
CTB31150 A5 A1WL150­5 KL.1B98086011
CTB31150 A1 A1WL150­1 KL.1B98086012
CTB31200 A5 A0,5WL200­5 KL.0,5B98086013
CTB31200 A1 A0,5WL200­1 KL.0,5B98086014
CTB31200 A5 A1WL200­5 KL.1B98086015
CTB31200 A1 A1WL200­1 KL.1B98086016
CTB41250 A5 A0,5WL250­5 KL.0,5B98086017
CTB41250 A1 A0,5WL250­1 KL.0,5B98086018
CTB41250 A5 A1WL250­5 KL.1B98086019
CTB41250 A1 A1WL250­1 KL.1B98086020
CTB41300 A5 A0,5WL300­5 KL.0,5B98086021
CTB41300 A1 A0,5WL300­1 KL.0,5B98086022
CTB41300 A5 A1WL300­5 KL.1B98086023
CTB41300 A1 A1WL300­1 KL.1B98086024
CTB41400 A1 A0,5WL400­1 KL.0,5B98086025
CTB41400 A5 A1WL400­5 KL.1B98086026
CTB41400 A5 A0,5WL400­5 KL.0,5B98086027
CTB41400 A1 A1WL400­1 KL.1B98086028
CTB41500 A5 A1WL500­5 KL.1B98086029
CTB41500 A5 A0,5WL500­5 KL.0,5B98086031
CTB41500 A1 A1WL500­1 KL.1B98086032
CTB41500 A1 A0,5WL500­1 KL.0,5B98086033
CTB51600 A5 A1WL600­5 KL.1B98086034
CTB51600 A5 A0,5WL600­5 KL.0,5B98086035
CTB51600 A1 A1WL600­1 KL.1B98086036
CTB51600 A1 A0,5WL600­1 KL.0,5B98086037
CTB51800 A5 A1WL800­5 KL.1B98086038
CTB51800 A5 A0,5WL800­5 KL.0,5B98086039
CTB51800 A1 A1WL800­1 KL.1B98086040
CTB51800 A1 A0,5WL800­1 KL.0,5B98086041
CTB511000 A5 A1WL1000­5 KL.1B98086042
CTB511000 A5 A0,5WL1000­5 KL.0,5B98086043
CTB511000 A1 A1WL1000­1 KL.1B98086044
CTB511000 A1 A0,5WL1000­1 KL.0,5B98086045

Split-core type current transformer

DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
KBR1850 A1 A3FS5WLS50­1 KL­3FS5B98086046
KBR18100 A1 A3FS5WLS100­1 KL.3FS5B98086047
KBR18150 A1 A3FS5WLS150­1 KL.3FS5B98086048
KBR32250 A1 A3FS5WLS250­1 KL.3FS5B98086049
KBR32500 A1 A3FS5WLS500­1 KL.1FS5B98086050

Downloads for LINETRAXX® PEM353

CE Declarations of conformity PEM35x 76.1 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2512.08.2022 06:17:25
Datasheets PEM353 678.2 KB DE2022/12/20 06:08:4720.12.2022 06:08:47D00335
Datasheets PEM353 674.7 KB EN2022/12/20 06:08:5420.12.2022 06:08:54D00335
Datasheets PEM353 680.2 KB ES2022/12/20 06:09:0020.12.2022 06:09:00D00335
Datasheets PEM353 677.5 KB FR2022/12/13 11:11:2413.12.2022 11:11:24D00335
Manuals PEM353 3.5 MB DE2021/02/04 07:06:2104.02.2021 07:06:21D00335
Manuals PEM353 3.5 MB EN2021/02/04 07:06:3104.02.2021 07:06:31D00335
Quickstarts PEM353 1.4 MB DE2022/09/30 07:07:5130.09.2022 07:07:51D00335
Quickstarts PEM353 1.4 MB EN2022/09/30 07:07:5330.09.2022 07:07:53D00335
Flyer Power Quality 470.3 KB DE2022/12/14 08:20:2314.12.2022 08:20:23
Flyer Power Quality 468.0 KB EN2022/12/14 08:20:2814.12.2022 08:20:28
Declarations of Conformity PEM35x - UKCA 121.2 KB EN2022/12/20 05:59:5520.12.2022 05:59:55