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    Device variants:
  • UMA710-2-xx-DIO - 2 pole
  • UMA710-4-xxx-DIO - 4 pole

The factory-made modules are used to change over (t ≤ 0.5 s) between two supply sources (AV/SV resp. SV/UPS) and for IT system monitoring in medical locations. Status indication and alarm texts on the alarm indicator and operator units takes place via bus technology. The module is suitable for mounting onto all common DIN rail systems.

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  • Automatic changeover and monitoring device ATICS® including monitoring of i.e.:
    - Voltage of incoming supply of Line 1 and 2
    - Output voltage
    - Correct operating times
    - Changeover times
    - Functional safety as to IEC 61508 (SIL2)
  • All-in-one: Integration of switch disconnector and control electronics
  • Switch disconnector contacts of robust design
  • Mechanical locking
  • Manual operation directly on the device
  • Uninterruptable testing and exchange upon optional bypass switch (bypass recommended)
  • Variable changeover period t≤0.5 ... 15s
  • Exchange of information by means of bus technology
  • Connection facility for remote alarm indicator and operator panels TM800 / MK800 / MK2430
  • Short delivery time
  • Time and cost-saving handling by use of prewired distribution boards
  • Screw less termination on all of the in- and outgoing connections
  • Designed in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards
  • Voluntary certification of changeover device by the independent German technical service, testing and inspection organization (TÜV)


Variants of UMA710-DIO

TypeVersionNominal current (AC3) changeover moduleMax. admissible current accord. to DIN VDE 0100-710Upstream fuse max.Consumption ca.
UMA710-2-63-DIO2-pole63A63A80A, gG16W
UMA710-2-80- DIO2-pole80A80A100A, gG28W
UMA710-2-63- DIO -BP2-pole63A63A80A, gG19W
UMA710-2-80- DIO -BP2-pole80A80A100A, gG31W
UMA710-4-80-DIO4-pole80A80A80A, gG39W
UMA710-4-80-DIO-BP4-pole80A80A80A, gG39W
UMA710-4-125-DIO4-pole125A125A125A, gG87W
UMA710-4-160-DIO4-pole160A160A160A, gG119W

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