CC613 charge controller – home variants

CC613 charge controller – home variants

  • Integrated 6 mA DC residual current detection (RDC-M) including monitoring (patented) enables use of RCD type A, no RCD type B necessary
  • Suitable for all standard electric vehicles that are charged via type 2 or type 1 charging cables.
  • Powerline Communication (PLC) acc. to ISO 15118
  • Easy connection to existing Home Energy Management Systems via EEBUS
  • Integrated charging plug emergency opener

The controller for private use

The next generation of charge controllers from Bender includes a charge controller specially designed for use in private charging points or wallboxes. The home variant of the CC613 is suitable for all standard electric vehicles that are charged via a type 2 or type 1 charging cable.It makes no difference whether you want to use a charging socket or a permanently attached cable.

The home variants can be integrated very easily into an existing Home Energy Management System (HEMS) via the integrated Ethernet interface. The ISO 15118 interface allows Powerline Communication for plug & charge or autocharge implementation.

The space-saving design of the controller is perfect for setting up a compact wallbox for private users. The integrated components make it even more compact and space-saving. For example, the built-in 230 V relay now directly controls the power contactor, which is why an intermediate relay can be dispensed with.

Electrical safety also plays a major role in the charge controller. The integrated patented  DC fault detection according to IEC 62955 prevents blinding of the RCD type A and the charging process is stopped in case of a fault. No RCD type B is required. The integrated weld check detects a "sticking" power contactor and thus ensures increased personal protection. Continuous PE monitoring ensures that the protective conductor is properly connected to the controller, thus further increasing protection against electric shock. In addition, the integrated charging plug emergency opener offers the great advantage that in the event of a power failure, the home user can safely disconnect the charging cable from the wallbox/charging station

The software for controlling all processes of the charge controller can be updated. This makes the CC613 Home future-proof. Updates (typically quarterly) can be easily installed via USB, Ethernet or over-the-air (OTA). If a vulnerability is detected in the software, it can be reported here.

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  • Charge controller in accordance with IEC 61851-1 (mode 3 charging)
  • Patented residual direct current monitoring module RDC-M (external RCD type A required), different cable lengths can be selected (Patents: EP 2 571 128 / US 9,397,494 / ZL 201210157968.6 / CN 103001175, EP 2 813 856)
  • Future proof, encoded and standardised networking with EMS through the EEBUS communication protocol
  • Integrated emergency opener for actuator control (locking/unlocking) and monitoring of the 12 V supply voltage
  • Can be integrated in single or three-phase systems up to 80 A
  • 3x USB interface:
    - 2x USB host interface
    - 1x CONFIG interface for local configuration and for installation of software updates
  • Control Pilot and Proximity Pilot communication
  • Internal temperature sensor to reduce the charging current depending on the ambient temperature
  • ISO 15118 Powerline Communication (PLC) for plug & charge or autocharge
  • Ethernet interface with connection to Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)
  • Charging points and wallboxes for private AC charging of electric vehicles


Optional accessories for CC613 charge controller – home variants

NameArt. No.
Measuring current transformer* W15BS (cable length 1500 mm)B98080065
Measuring current transformer* W15BS-02 (cable length 180 mm)B98080067
Measuring current transformer* W15BS-03 (cable length 320 mm)B98080068
Measuring Current transformer** CTBC17 (PCB variant)B98080070
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable1470 incl. clip housing (cable length 1470 mm)B98080542
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable325 incl. clip housing (cable length 325 mm)B98080541
Connection cable CTBC17-Cable180 incl. clip housing (cable length 180 mm)B98080540
Plug kit CC613 (can be ordered separately)***B94060129
Plug kit CC613 bulk pack HEM-X2 (50x)B94060126
Plug kit CC613 bulk pack HB (50x)B94060127
* The measuring current transformer has an internal diameter of 15 mm.
** The measuring current transformer has an internal diameter of 17 mm.
*** Not included in the scope of delivery of the CC613.

Variants of CC613 charge controller – home variants

TypeMeter interfaceEthernet interfaceUSB host

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