Press release on the Ukraine

Seit über zwei Wochen hinterlässt der Krieg in der Ukraine weltweit Fassungslosigkeit und Entsetzen.

For more than two weeks, the war in Ukraine has left us stunned and horrified all over the world. The daily news about new attacks and destruction shake us deeply. In our company, people are the centre of attention and an appreciative and peaceful approach is a crucial pillar of our corporate culture. We condemn war, racism and exclusion in the strongest possible terms.

We see the European Union’s sanctions as an important sign and are keeping an eye on the dynamic development. The Bender Group has ceased doing business with the Russian market.

So far, we have no risk resulting from the conflict that would affect the supply chains for our products. We have neither suppliers nor our own production facilities in Ukraine. For our customers, we will do our utmost to avoid any impairment of our ability to deliver.

To support the population of Ukraine, we have decided to support aid organisations and are currently exploring further possibilities to help. A great wave of solidarity and willingness to help can also be felt among all employees. A large number of Bender employees are participating in local fundraising campaigns and in aid transports to the region.

Finally, we hope for a quick cessation of hostilities and a return to diplomacy and peace.


Grünberg, 14.03.2022

Management of Bender GmbH & Co. KG