Bender presents the new romote alarm indicator CP305 for hospitals

Bender remote alarm indicator CP305

Operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency departments have a particularly fail-safe power system (IT system) that does not have to be disconnected even in the event of an insulation fault. For almost 50 years, Bender has been manufacturing the safety solutions required for this power system. The new COMTRAXX® CP305 alarm indicator and control panel displays faults in medical IT power systems and alerts medical and technical staff safely, reliably and quickly. Its straightforward operating concept sets new standards for monitoring IT power systems in hospitals.

Unlike its predecessors, the COMTRAXX® CP305 has a 5" glass touch display. The modern design and the clearly structured user interface ensure better usability. The enlarged display also allows the status of the monitored medical IT power system to be recorded more easily and quickly. Faults are signalled acoustically and visually, as required by the standard. With customised text messages such as "Fault on socket-outlet 3 in room 508 - Remove connected device", medical staff can be informed where a fault has occurred and how to eliminate it. The clear text messages and handling instructions prevent uncertainties during troubleshooting.

The CP305 can be controlled, parameterised, updated and maintained remotely without the need for service technicians to enter sensitive hospital areas. The connection is made either via LAN or the Bender Connect app. It is also possible to connect the CP305 to the nurses’ base to centrally monitor all messages there. The new alarm indicator and control panel thus offers all the prerequisites for future-proof hospitals. Due to its glass surface, the CP305 is very easy to clean and disinfect.

It is the successor product of the successful MK2430 alarm indicator and test combination, which has reliably displayed faults in hospital power systems for many years. It is the same size, so it can be easily and quickly installed in older wall openings.

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