Goodbye after 13 highly successful years

Winfried Möll

Over 1,200 employees worldwide, steady growth thanks to innovative products, market leadership in the areas of grid protection technology and many forward-looking technologies related to electromobility – The Grünberg-based family business Bender is one of the major players on the world market and has received many awards.

After 13 successful years, we bid farewell to Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Winfried Möll, our esteemed Technical Director and one of the Managing Directors. Winfried has played a decisive role in shaping our company's fortunes and direction. He leaves to pursue personal projects, but we take pride in the fact that many of our current products and solutions were launched under his guidance.

In a personal conversation with the Bender family, Winfried Möll expressed his gratitude and joy for the impact he made during his time with us. We are grateful that "Winni" will remain available to the supervisory board in an advisory capacity.

As we say goodbye to Winfried, let us celebrate his achievements, the influence he had on our organization, and the relationships he built within our team. We express our sincerest gratitude and best wishes to Winfried Möll as he embarks on new ventures.