New, divisible measuring current transformers for existing electrical installations

Bender Messstromwandler CTAS

Bender has added new measuring current transformers to its portfolio that are specifically intended for use in existing electrical installations. The sensors of the CTAS series are divisible and therefore particularly suitable for those installations requiring retrofitting with a residual current monitoring system or insulation fault location system (EDS) from Bender. The advantage of the divisible measuring current transformers is that existing wiring and cables do not have to be disconnected for retrofitting. This reduces the costs of retrofitting measures.

The robust and at the same time highly sensitive sensors can be used in conjunction with Bender residual current monitoring and evaluation devices of the RCM or RCMS series. In unearthed systems (IT system), the measuring current transformers are also suitable for insulation fault location.
Bender already has rectangular divisible sensors in its product range. The round design of the new CTAS series allows its use in applications where the rectangular design is not suitable. The measuring current transformers are available in three sizes for internal diameters of 50, 80 and 120 mm. They are certified according to UL 508.

•    Suitable for AC residual current measurement and monitoring, and insulation fault location systems (EDS)
•    Round design
•    Internal diameter 50, 80 and 120 mm
•    Robust enclosure
•    Suitable for retrofitting

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