Information Tuesday about the TN-S/TT system #14

Differnzstromtechnik in Schweißanlagen

Harms & Wende supplies welding system manufacturers with innovative and reliable product solutions, from control systems and switch cabinets, to complete custom systems.

Production downtime and damage are only two of the possible consequences of unscheduled shutdown of the sections of the plant. To avoid unnecessary interruptions, it is important to detect impending fault currents as early as possible and to be able to react proactively.

Therefore, Harms & Wende has been relying on residual current monitoring technology from Bender since 2012 and thus fulfilling its top priorities: electrical safety and high availability.

Read the complete article here. More information about the TN-S/TT system.

*This is an application example for residual current monitoring. Please note that the standards or devices specified in the text may no longer up-to-date.