Formula Student – only a few days to Silverstone

Formula Student – nur noch wenige Tage bis Silverstone

Foto: E-Team Duisburg-Essen e.V.

The Formula Student is an international competition where students’ planning and technical abilities are tested by building their own race cars and competing against each other. Students in teams compete in 3 separate categories, internal combustion engine, electrical vehicle, and driverless vehicle, where speed is not the only deciding factor. The final decision is based on the evaluation of 8 categories in which technical knowledge, financial planning and marketing play significant roles.

Rather than just solving technical problems, FS-teams develop interesting concepts in the process of strategising towards the end goal. This is what the Duisburger E-Team, who uses the “Powerweek” approach, has proven. This method involves all available team members working in the workshop every day of the week until the task at hand is completed. The Duisburger E-Team has successfully pushed forward in competitions by using this unorthodox method. The 2019 racing season is gaining momentum. After the season opener in the Netherlands, the second race is just around the corner, from July 19th to the 21st at the legendary Silverstone Avenue. Since 2010, Bender has supported the Formula Student Electric Teams. As always, they expect to see amazing achievements come from the students’ hard work. As the season slowly approaches, the tension is rising.