Bender charge controllers now speak EEBUS

eMobility EEBUS

Sustainable and independent interconnection of loads in energy management systems

As a renowned manufacturer of intelligent and future-proof charge controllers, Bender GmbH & Co. KG now offers its customers the EEBUS communication standard for the entire charge controller portfolio as a standard feature. Bender is thus the first controller manufacturer to offer EEBUS out of the box.

Due to the global climate goal of CO2 reduction and the resulting need to use the available energy in an efficient and effective way, energy management systems (EMS) are increasingly coming into focus. There is a multitude of proprietary systems on the market with various incompatible communication protocols. The challenge is to make communication between the areas of electricity, heat and mobility interoperable with each other.

It is precisely this problem that the EEBUS Initiative e.V. has addressed and developed a cross-industry, standardised communication protocol that enables interconnection from the grid level to the device level. This makes it very easy to exchange information for coordinating and shifting energy between a smart grid and the individual loads, as well as enabling flexible power consumption control.

Due to the growing popularity of electric mobility, it is of great importance to integrate the installed charging points into an EMS. Since charging an electric car requires a comparatively high amount of energy, smooth, smart and standardised communication between the charging point and the EMS is essential.

The intelligence of a charging station or wallbox is based on the charge controller installed in the charging point. The charge controller from Bender is "the brain" of the charging station and at the same time acts as an interface to the outside world. With EEBUS, the requirement of the KfW (Credit Institute for Reconstruction) promotional programme 440 is met: the grid-friendly behaviour of charging stations as controllable appliances in accordance with the new §14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) and the necessary local communication with the smart meter gateway infrastructure encrypted in accordance with the Technical Guidelines BSI.

The CC612 and CC613 charge controllers from Bender enable convenient integration into an EMS via plug & play. In addition, the EEBUS-capable charge controllers offer sustainable, encrypted and standardised interconnection for further intelligent and scalable charging and load management solutions. For example, the possibility to choose and use so-called flexible electricity tariffs, which are cheaper at certain times, for charging is available thanks to EEBUS.

With the implementation of the EEBUS standard in the charge controller portfolio, Bender is taking another step towards the future of safe and networked charging.

December 2020