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RCMB130 series

The AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring module monitors electrically earthed power supplies up to 300 V and connected loads up to nominal currents of 32 A for leakage and fault currents. The module is intended for installation in distribution equipment such as PDUs (Power Distribution Units), outlet boxes or multiple socket-outlets and is supplied with DC 12…24 V.

The RCMB131-01 is designed for installation in PDUs and outlet boxes. The module can communicate with a master via an RS-485 interface via Modbus RTU.

The RCMB131-02 is designed for installation in PDUs and outlet boxes. The module outputs the rms value of the residual current via a PWM output, which is read out and evaluated by a higher-level circuit.

The RCMB132-01 is designed for installation in PDUs and outlet boxes. The module can communicate with a master via an RS-485 interface via Modbus RTU. It is possible to connect several devices in a daisy chain. For this purpose, the RCMB132-01 provides two identical connectors for RS-485 (incl. power supply).

The products of the RCMB13x series are shipped in bulk and come pre-configured. This makes them particularly suitable for serial integration into power distribution systems, machines or the like by the respective manufacturers (OEMs).


  • AC/DC sensitive leakage and fault current monitoring for preventive maintenance
  • Suitable for PCB mounting (only RCMB131-x)
  • High resolution for implementing equipment leakage current monitoring
  • Measured value and alarm transmission via Modbus RTU (RS-485) (only RCMB13x-01)
  • Measurement signal output via PWM output (only RCMB131-02)
  • Frequency range DC…2 kHz
  • Compact design for monitoring nominal loads up to In = 32 A
  • Low load current sensitivity due to fully shielded measuring current transformer
  • Continuous monitoring of the connection to the measuring current transformer
  • Integrated test function
  • Supply voltage DC 12…24 V


Downloads for RCMB130 series

Datenblätter RCMB131-01 297.1 KB DE13.05.2019 10:31:34D00358
Datenblätter RCMB131-01 293.6 KB EN13.05.2019 10:31:36D00358
Handbücher RCMB131-01 199.1 KB DE09.09.2019 12:19:58D00358
Handbücher RCMB131-01 847.9 KB EN09.09.2019 12:20:08D00358
Datenblätter RCMB131-02 275.7 KB DE13.05.2019 10:31:34D00354
Datenblätter RCMB131-02 272.6 KB EN13.05.2019 10:31:36D00354
Handbücher RCMB131-02 977.6 KB DE13.05.2019 10:31:42D00354
Handbücher RCMB131-02 965.1 KB EN13.05.2019 10:31:51D00354
Datenblätter RCMB132-01 349.2 KB DE26.05.2020 10:05:18D00356
Datenblätter RCMB132-01 345.3 KB EN26.05.2020 10:05:26D00356
Handbücher RCMB132-01 256.2 KB DE09.09.2019 12:19:59D00354
Handbücher RCMB132-01 264.3 KB EN09.09.2019 12:20:07D00356
Datenblätter RCMB131-01 249.7 KB FR20.08.2019 12:37:33D00358
Datenblätter RCMB131-02 230.4 KB FR20.08.2019 12:43:09D00354
Datenblätter RCMB132-01 367.6 KB FR26.05.2020 10:02:00D00356
Kurzanleitungen RCMB132-01 504.1 KB DE18.10.2021 12:05:32D00356
Kurzanleitungen RCMB132-01 504.1 KB EN18.10.2021 12:05:32D00356

Optional accessories for RCMB130 series

Accessories for RCMB132-01

TypeArt. No.
Mounting foot MCCT20B91080111

RCMB130 series Variants

TypeMeasuring rangeSupply voltage USArt. No.
RCMB131-010…100 mA (rms)DC 12…24 VB94042131
RCMB131-020…100 mA (rms)DC 12…24 VB94042132
RCMB132-01AC/DC ±100 mADC 12…24 VB94042136