The new ISOMETER® iso415R is a simple and intelligent ground-fault monitor for electrical safety in control circuits and other applications. It combines easy operation, multiple interfaces, flexible application options and a compact design. It is the first device of Bender's new SmartDetect series and offers maximum safety in ungrounded AC, AC/DC, and DC systems.

Impressively simple.

Fast, simple operation was a central goal in the development of the new ISOMETER®. That is why the parameters of the iso415R can be set either with two rotary potentiometers or with the Bender Connect App. With the app, the iso415R can be set up before installation.  In addition, a setting made once can be transferred to any number of devices. All technical information including the manual can be conveniently accessed at any time via the QR code. The measured value is displayed by LEDs.



Simply impressive

The functions of the compact ISOMETER® iso415R have been reduced to the essentials. It measures residual currents and ensures reliable monitoring of IT systems. In addition, it monitors the connection to earth. Thanks to the Modbus RTU interface and the NFC function (Near Field Communication), it offers a wide range of networking options.

Ideally suited for

  • Integration into existing control systems
  • Smart factory applications
  • Large-scale plants with many control circuits
  • Main circuits up to 400 V in small ungrounded systems (AC and DC) without VFDs

Core advantages at a glance:

  • Reliable protection against unwanted shutdown 
  • For unearthed systems / IT systems (AC/DC)
  • Easy control, many possible applications
  • Proven quality by the inventor of the ISOMETERS®

Compact, space saving size

The compact iso415R is the width of a circuit breaker at 18 mm (0.7”) which means it is perfectly suited for limited space environments. Despite its small size, it features a double connection to earth to continuously monitor the earth conductor. In the event this conductor is interrupted, an alarm is triggered. This also applies to the connection to the monitored system. All of these features make the ISOMETER® iso415R an impressive yet simple solution for many insulation monitoring applications in machinery and plant engineering.

Enjoy maximum operating comfort

The iso415R is particularly easy to install and operate. Settings can be easily configured using the rotary switch on the front panel. Individual values can be set via the interface or by app using the "Ext" switch position. In addition, there is a combined test/reset button on the front panel. Of course, the ISOMETER® meets the requirements of the currently applicable standard for insulation monitoring devices IEC 61557-8 and the European Machinery Directive.

Simple installation and app setup

For maximum ease of use, the settings can be changed in two ways: on the device itself or with the Bender Connect App on a smartphone via Near Field Communication (NFC). An individual response value, Modbus address, time delay, relay function, and other settings can be configured even when the product is offline, before mounting and commissioning. These custom settings can be stored as a template, making it convenient to establish configurations for as many devices as desired.

Simple communication via Modbus RTU

The new iso415R features a wired Modbus RTU interface. In addition to the traditional relay contact for alarm signalling, the Modbus protocol has proven to be a very reliable interface for the secure transfer of data. The interface enables bus communication and the relay contact enables compatibility with existing installations.

Simple solution for control circuits, manufacturing, and plants

The ISOMETER® iso415R is a simple solution with communication technology for control circuits (DC 24 V – AC 230 V) in various forms of machinery in industrial settings, food processing, and other industries. It can also be used in main circuits up to 415 V in smaller ungrounded systems without variable-frequency drives (VFD).

When do you need an ungrounded system?

Do you operate electrical machinery and plant infrastructure? In that case, you should consider an IT system. It protects against unwanted shutdown in the event of an insulation fault and provides safety for people, products and processes.

IT system: Unearthed systems for maximum availability

Easy configuration via app

With the NFC function and the Bender Connect App, you can easily configure the iso415R via a smartphone.