COMTRAXX® CP9xx – Control Panel

[Translate to english:] CP9xx

At the interface between humans and machines, alarm indicator and operator panels play a key role. Their task consists in emitting a visual and acoustic alarm and converting information from the system into comprehensible operating and handling instructions. This applies in particular to critical operating situations.

The CP9xx Control Panel offers the user a solution that meets the requirements of modern medical locations as well as industrial und purpose-built buildings.

Complex connections.

Easy integration – various interfaces

COMTRAXX® CP9xx alarm indicator and operator panels are flexibly configurable monitoring and control centres for all technical systems in a room or an installation. The intelligent, central control units are easy to install and ensure simple maintenance of all connected devices.

Made simple.

Optimum overview – simple control

In operating theatres, fast detection of critical operating conditions is extremely important because it can protect lives. The alarm indicator and operator panels of the new COMTRAXX® CP9xx series provide an optimum overview of all connected systems at all times, alert quickly in the event of a fault and ensure convenient control of the entire operating theatre technology.

Made safe.

Convenient operation – safe overview

Devices of the COMTRAXX® CP9xx series are easy and intuitive to operate; the visualisation is clear and unambiguous. The devices thus enable safe handling of the systems and components, especially when things get hectic.


[Translate to english:] Anlagenstatus auf einen Blick

System status at a glance
Visual and acoustic alerting for timely action.

[Translate to english:] Komfortable Steuerung

Convenient control
The clear menu structure and the simple touch control combined with the easy-to-read display in a modern design make operation extremely convenient and ensure an optimum overview.

[Translate to english:] Hygienisch einwandfrei

Hygienically faultless
Easy cleaning and disinfection of the glass surface.

[Translate to english:] Zukunftssichere Technologie

Future-proof technology
The software-based, updateable and expandable all-round system can be adapted to changing requirements, new configurations and new technologies at any time.

[Translate to english:] Einfache Integration

Easy integration
Easy integration of all Bender components and other components