Safe, CHAdeMO-compliant charging at DC charging stations with the new insulation monitoring device ISOMETER® isoCHA425

|   Product information

Bender has specially developed the new isoCHA425 insulation monitoring device for monitoring the entire charging circuit in DC charging stations....

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Elektrische Sicherheit im Film- und Veranstaltungsbereich

|   General news

Besuchen Sie unser Seminar im November 2018 in München

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Bender plants trees for a sustainable future

|   General news

This week the annual Bender Group Meeting was held in Grünberg. Since we as Bender want to make a difference not only on a technological, but also on...

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PPFIC - Pulp and Paper Conference

|   Exhibitions Region North America

64th Annual Pulp, Paper and Forest Industry Technical Conference

June 17 - 22, 2018

Appleton, WI

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CSHE 11th Annual Northern California Seminar

|   Exhibitions Region North America

Implementing Technology to Maximize Efficiencies


Concord, CA

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Offshore Energy

|   Exhibitions Region Europe


22. - 24.10.2018

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Quality made by Bender worldwide

with special reference to electrical safety is a promise to our customers and to all those we would like to make our customers.

We are committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your particular sector and application in order to guarantee the ultimate in electrical safety for people and machines.


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Maximum safety, availability and investment protection for your electrical installations.


Innovative Bender developments to provide the best customer-specific solutions.

Electrical safety for floating/ungrounded power systems
ISOMETER®, Isolation monitors, Ground fault detection – Ground fault location - Ground fault relays

Power distribution for hospitals
MEDICS® – the integrated safety solution for medical locations.
ATICS® automatic transfer switching device, Isolated Power Systems (IPS)

Electrical safety for grounded power systems
Residual current monitors RCM, RCMA for AC and DC - Residual current monitoring systems RCMS for Multi-channel applications

Power Quality
Universal measuring devices (also power analysers) of the PEM product line record all relevant electrical quantities of electricity networks and provide transparency for electrical installations.

Measuring and monitoring relays
Loop monitors for ground continuity, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Voltage relays, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Current relays, Phase Monitoring, Phase Sequence, Phase Asymmetry

Making efficient use of renewable energy
iso-PV for isolation monitoring in solar systems – EDS for quick and reliable localization of ground faults in solar systems - VMD423 for reliable electricity infeed through renewable power plants (monitors voltage and frequency)

Testers for medical electrical equipment
UNIMET® stands for standard-compliant tests and measurements, easy operation, wide interface variety and high-quality service.