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The AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring module is suitable for fault current moni­toring in charging stations where direct and/or alterna

ting fault currents are likely to occur

the value of which is constantly greater than zero. In combination with an external relay

it is able to fulfill the requirement of UL 2231­2 for CCID20 protection devices for use in

electric vehicle charging stations.

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  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring module
  • r.m.s. value measurement (AC+DC)
  • Frequency range 0...500 Hz
  • CT connection monitoring
  • Completely shielded residual current transformer
  • Mechanical locking on the baseplate
  • RoHS­compliant


Varianten des RCMB101

TypeMeasuring rangeFrequency rangeArt. No.
RCMB1010... 20 mA0...500 HzB 9404 2098

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