20 2 Condition Monitor COMTRAXX® CP907-I and CP915-I series: A new dimension in installation overview Reliable power supply even in times of crisis Coronavirus provisional hospital in Berlin exhibition hall | MONITOR |1/2016 Practical PageA Expertise Dynamic loadmanagement –what is it andwhydo Ineed it? Loadmanagement has been around as long as overland power supply lines. To prevent damage to the equipment in the supply system, two load statesmust be avoided at all costs: •Unbalanced loads •Overloads Managing load currents avoids these unwanted states and therefore also unnecessary shutdowns. Underutilisation is, however, also a problem for energy supplies. Demand for electricity/energy is typically higher during the day than at night  but even load levels are desirable for energy supplies. This problem has led, for example, to variable tariffs for day and night cycles (off-peak and peak tariffs). In France, for example, hot water boilers were installed which were primarily intended to use cheap off-peak electricity at night to heat the domesticwater supply for the followingday.Many in Germany are still familiarwith night storage heaters working on the same principle: heat was stored at night at a discounted tariff and released into the room during the day. Today, electricity in integrated grids is tradedon the spotmarket,withdemandand supplymeeting at an appropriate price. Electricmobility is coming Electrical installation operators are often faced with the problem of operatingmultiple charging stations which could theoretically all be used at the same time. Typical power for all-electric vehicles (BEVs) is 11 kVA or22 kVA.However, the available connected load isoften insufficient to supply all chargingpoints simultaneously. If all charging pointswere operated at the same time, operators would risk upstream protective devices (overload) tripping and switching off the entire supply. 2|2020 | MONITOR | 60 MAGAZINE FOR ELECTRICAL SAFETY Additional page "Practical Expertise" at the back of the booklet for collection! Dynamic load management – What is it and why do I need it? It’s full steam ahead for the design of a DC power supply for industrial applications despite the Coronavirus