26 | MONITOR | 2|2020 INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS Measuring current transformer CTBC17 When it comes to AC charging (charging modes 2 and 3), it is common practice to use a measuring current transformer in combination with a residual current monitoring module in order to reliably monitor AC and DC fault currents, detect faults and ensure charging can be stopped in a targeted way. The increased charging power involves larger cross-sections for the supply lines in the charging system. This means that the measuring current transformer must have an equally large diameter. In addition, AC wallboxes are becoming increasingly compact to save space, as well as to reduce costs and mounting work. Flexible use in the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles CTBC17: The new measuring current transformer With its internal diameter of 17 mm, the new CTBC17 is best suited to the use of supply lines with a large conductor cross-section. In addi- tion, the robust and innovative design is ideal for a variety of applications. For instance, the measuring current transformer can be directly mounted onto a circuit board in a vertical posi- tion, thus saving space and making it ideal for use in an AC wallbox (charging mode 3), as well as in compact IC-CPDs (In Cable Control and Protection Device) for charging mode 2. To do justice to this development, Bender has developed a new, compact and versatile measuring current transformer and added it to its portfolio. This also has further advantages. A measuring current transformer for two charging modes and different mounting types The new CTBC17 measuring current transformer is ideal for AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement, as it can reliably identify AC and DC residual currents in combination with suitable evaluation electronics (e.g. CC613, RCMB104, RDC104). This means it can be used to identify residual currents according to IEC 62752 and IEC 62955.