MAGAZINE FOR ELECTRICAL SAFETY 19 2 LINETRAXX® VMD460-NA: New requirements for connecting power generation systems to the grid Cologne hotel installs the first version of ebee charging points | MONITOR |1/2016 Retrofitting requirement for monitoring devices The term "grandfathering" has become established in the field of electrical installations. It originates from building law and describes that the owner of a building lawfully erected at the time of construction is protected from legal changeswhichwould not permit the renewed construction. There is therefore no obligation to adapt, even if laws or regulations change. If the outside of a building that has been lawfully constructed is destroyed by fire, the owner has the right to rebuild it in the same location, exactly as itwas before, i.e.without add-ons ormodifications, evenwhen the rebuild violates current building law requirements. 2/2019 | MONITOR | 56 Insulationmonitoringdevice for use inAC systems Practical Page A Expertise Future power needs reliable storage Additional page "Practical Expertise" at the back of the booklet for collection! Retrofitting requirement for monitoring devices