| MONITOR | 2/2018 26 TECHNICAL APPLICATION oval ceiling lights of the garage. The 180 degree-swiv- elling charging arm, on which the socket is located, conveniently and flexibly reaches all charging devices on all types of electric vehicles. After use, it can again easily and compactly retract under the ceiling. All charging points in Euskirchen can deliver up to 22 kWh. However, since almost all electric cars can cur- rently only charge up to 11 kW, the high charging power means that the infrastructure of this project is future- proof for the next few years. The charging points are interconnected with each other via a controller, which can be used to control the delivery of current from each individual charging station. This dynamic load man- agement enables the intelligent distribution of the total output, so that a normal grid connection of 80 kW is sufficient to serve the vehicles refuelling with electricity. Bender controls and monitors The core of the LEVIAMP ceiling-charging solution and also of the LS4 charging station in the outdoor area is the CC612 charge controller from Bender Co. KG, which monitors the internal hardware of the respective charging system. Due to its compact design and size, the charge controller fits seamlessly into the design of LEVIAMP and LS4. The CC612 Charge Controller, which can also be used (as a product variant) in other charging systems such as meters, user interface Solar-protected and sustainable In regards to power generation, they were relying on sustainability: The electricity for charging the vehicles partly comes from the solar system on the green roof of the multi-storey car park. The supply is supplemented by green electricity from 100 percent hydropower. If no vehicle is charging, the current is fed into a stationary intermediate battery storage. Only when this is fully charged is excess energy fed into the grid. The advantage of the ceiling charging points above the individual parking spaces is that, in contrast to a classic charging station, they are not physically damaged by vehicles and can above all be used in a way that they save space and costs. The parking area can be fully utilised. 22 kW ceiling-charging station LEVIAMP The ceiling-charging stations LEVIAMP from GmbH installed in the multi-storey car park do not differ that much visually from the larger, In a first step, 17 parking spaces were given a ceiling e-charging point. The cable run for the remaining parking spaces in the basement has already been provided by means of an empty conduit system. 12 further outdoor parking spaces on the property in front of the building are also equipped with e-charging points. The futuristic main feature of this lighthouse project is the total of six LS4 e-charging stations from the Swedish company GARO AB, each with two charging points that draw attention by means of LED strips. The stable aluminium columns in the outdoor area have a charging power of up to 2 x 22 kW. This multi-storey car park is not only one of the largest solar filling stations for electric vehicles in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the clients, this construction project will also play a leading innovative role nationwide.