| MONITOR | 2/2018 24 INNOVAT I VE PRODUCTS INFO More information: Ethernet and have their parameters configured. This ensures that even insulation faults in loads that are only switched on briefly can be detected. IOM441 input/output module Up to 50 EDS can be connected to an iso685-D-P. By combining EDS44x with the IOM441 input/out- put module, a potential-free contact can be made available for each EDS44x measurement channel. This enables messages to be generated or outputs with unimportant loads to be disconnected so that the IT system can maintain high availability for important loads. Plain text messages simplify the search New measuring methods also make it possible to locate high-impedance faults with high system leakage capac- itances and low locating currents. The faulty channels are indicated on the display of the iso685-D-P and can be replaced by plain text messages. For example, in the event of an insulation fault on a motor, the message “Insulation fault compressor 1” could be displayed. This allows fault location without having to study a wiring dia- gram, further facilitating insulation fault location. Communication The iso685-D-P can communicate via Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and isoData. If the iso685-D-P is used together with an EDS44x-L, communication with a high- er-level control system must take place via Modbus TCP. In DC systems, the iso685-D-P can be triggered and issue a prior warning if a DC zero sequence voltage to earth is measured. The corresponding response values for this prior warning and the shutdown can be adjusted in 5 V increments. Insulation monitoring in ring systems Input/output module of the EDS44x-S with IOM441 iso685-D-P | EDS44x | IOM441 Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Irzinger BU Industrial Solutions, Product Management