| MONITOR | 2/2017 26 ” Bender is a market leader in the design of operating theatre control panel contemporary membrane technology.” It is also worth mentioning that even the operation and control of other services is facilitated by the panel's touch surface. It is possible for staff to safely operate the TCP even when wearing surgical gloves. The wipe-clean and unique anti-bacterial surface (silver nitrate coating) of the control panel ensures maximum sterility. Alongside the four operating theatres, Bender's IPS also guarantee a safe power supply to an endos- copy suite, a catheterisation laboratory (with diagnostic and imaging equipment) and a coronary care unit. Bender equipment systems such as IPS and UPS, in conjunction with the use of ATICS ® switching devices, ensure the highest level of failure safety Group 2 loca- tions within Ulster Hospital and particularly in very critical environments such as life-support and intensive care units. Another important factor for the managers of Ulster Hospital was that all implemented systems, equipment and components are optimally coordinated with one another in order to guarantee the safety of patients and the hospital staff. In order to fully guarantee electrical safety at Ulster Hospital for the Group 2 rooms (operating theatres and intensive care units) which is vital for patients and staff, the hospital decided to con- sistently use the ATICS ® from Bender. Given its unique operating principle with patented change- over device, it ensures safe disconnection, pro- vides maximum functional safety and greatly increases failure safety. In order to meet this highest level of reliability required in the hospital, ATICS ® was consistently developed according to the guidelines of SIL Level 2 safety standard. Bender UK has provided modern, hygiene-com- pliant control panels from the TCP series (Touch Control Panel) for a total of four high-tech operat- ing theatres. These switching and control panels with a matted, anti-bacterial membrane technolo- gy, were designed in line with the hospital´s spe- cific user requirements. A tailored specification was developed which also enables the integra- tion of a mini iPad in order to control the surgical lights, for example. These panels additionally feature a range of options such as various mon- itor sizes, various acoustic alarms and operating elements, and can be completely equipped with DICOM-compliant PACS screen displays. The integration of both analogue as well digital clocks is possible. TECHNICAL APLICATION Lisa Hudson, Bender UK