1/2019 | MONITOR | 9 In response to these requirements, Bender is launch- ing two new series in the field of residual current monitoring: a modular series for flexible use in industry and building technology, and a compact series for use in final circuits. Modular devices with new features The modular series updates and expands Bender's portfolio in the field of residual current monitoring and measuring current transformers with new sen- sors and devices for measured value acquisition and evaluation. These sensors and devices each consist of two components: a transformer module (without electronic elements) and an electronic module which contains intelligence. The electronic module is located directly on the transformer mod- ule and forms a functional unit with it. The transformer modules, consisting of a wound magnetic core in an enclosure, are available in the diameters 20 mm, 35 mm, 60 mm, 120 mm and 210 mm already familiar from Bender. Each of the sizes are available as both "Type A" and "Type B" residual current transformers. It is also possible to drasti- cally reduce the sensitivity to high load currents with an optional full magnetic shield. "Type A" transformer modules (CTAC) are stand-alone and can be connected directly to an evaluator (e.g. RCMS460 or RCM420); "Type B" transformer modules (CTBC) always require an electronic module. In the field of electronic modules, a distinction is made between the following two series: • Simple electronic units (CTUB) for conversion of the measuring signal from the transformer module for evaluators such as RCMS460/490 or RCMA420/423 • Intelligent device modules for direct evaluation of the measuring signal, available for monitoring applications (RCMB) and for switching applica- tions (MRCDB). In combination with any transformer module, the elec- tronic units form a fully-fledged measuring current transformer which can be connected as a sensor to the Bender evaluators of the RCMS4xx and RCMA42x series. Compared to the previous meas- uring current transformers, a higher accuracy can be achieved, especially when using the full magnetic shield. The modularity creates a future-proof system, since an upgrade (e.g. to new interfaces) or a repair can be carried out in a relatively easy way by exchanging the electronic modules, while the transformer core can remain in the installation.