8 | MONITOR | 1/2019 INNOVAT I VE PRODUCTS SensorPRO residual current moni tor LINETRAXX® Market-driven solutions for modern applications LINETRAXX® SensorPRO residual current monitors Smart. Flexible. Future-proof. Against the background of key topics such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), Bender is increasingly confronted with the requirements of modern applications. As a result, highly flexible solutions that cover a wide performance range are now usually required. Furthermore, there is an increasing demand in the markets for smart sensors 1) that can be easily and quickly integrated into existing installations and systems. An essential requirement for the products is therefore the ability to communicate – if possible via universal interfaces and protocols. To generate added value such as preventive maintenance and high availability from measurement data, the sensors must be able to transfer all values and states to higher-level monitoring solutions in which they are evaluated and interpreted/further processed. Additionally, data granularity is also gaining in importance, so that a large number of sensors that are as small and simple as possible are being frequently used in modern plants. 1) Smarter sensor: a sensor that combines measured value acquisition, processing and communication in a single enclosure.