1/2019 | MONITOR | 7 Dangers It’s clear with a lightning stroke: Television sets, com- puters & co. can be irreparably damaged by a brief surge. Nevertheless, other phenomena described here can cause damage. Many devices in the house- hold cannot withstand harmonics and fail as a result. With other loads, the effects are rather gradual and reduce the service life. The dangers are more serious for industry. Due to the high investment costs in machines and equip- ment, failure or early wear is extremely serious. And since they are unplanned, the downtimes are costly. According to estimates, this results in annual costs of 2.5 bn. euros for industry and trade due to poor power quality. Solutions The use of a suitable monitoring system that records power quality and energy flows is therefore recom- mended. Those who monitor their own electricity supply network permanently can avoid production downtimes in a timely manner. This includes the recording of relevant electrical parameters, such as voltage, current and frequency. Power profiles can be created on this basis that provide information about energy consumption and gives you the poten- tial to economise. Further benefits for industry and trade: You can position yourself in relation to customers as a pru- dent partner by monitoring the voltage quality. Many manufacturers even require a corresponding proof of power quality today. Scharif Hafiz Sonepar Deutschland Technical Solutions GmbH Bender LINETRAXX ® PEM735, 575 and 353 digital universal measuring devices are used to measure and display electrical quantities of a power supply network.