2 | MONITOR | 1/2019 Markus Schyboll CEO Dear Readers, editorial E D I TOR I A L "Against the background of key topics such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), Bender is increasingly confronted with the requirements of modern applications," is how our article “Smart. Flexible. Future-proof.” about the new LINETRAXX ® SensorPro device series in this issue of MONITOR starts. In times of increasing digitisation, it is impossible to imagine our everyday lives without electricity and therefore also electrical safety and availability. Highly flexible solutions and interfaces covering a wide range of needs are usually required. And there is no stopping digitisation, even when it comes to Bender's customer magazine which can now also be browsed online. We are moving with the times, expanding our series, developing new products and constantly adapting to new challenges. Our reliable and proven technol- ogy is undergoing constant development – whether for mechanical and plant engineering, industry and building technology, data centres, road and rail traffic or operating theatres. For example, our new SensorPRO residual current monitoring devices with intelligent measurement technology and a modular design provide a smart solution for existing as well as new applications. Or the new CP9xx series alarm indicator and operator panel for hospitals, which meets the latest requirements for modern medical locations. Our equipment and solutions are used worldwide: in a cement plant located in Northern Italy and on the expedition ship "Polarstern" sailing in Arctic and Antarctic waters. Today more than ever, solutions need to ensure smooth, failure- proof processes, with efficiency and safety increasingly gaining in importance. Place your trust in reliable, future-proof power supply and visit us at the next conference or user seminar as well as on social media. Think future! Best regards, Bender GmbH & Co. KG. Londorfer Straße 65 35305 Gruenberg /Germany Fon: +49 6401 807 - 0 Fax: +49 6401 807 - 259 E-Mail: Editorial staff: Marita Schwarz-Bierbach, Anne Katrin Römer Graphic & layout: Natascha Schäfer, Copy-editing/text: Michaela Heck M.A., textwerk Photos: Bender archive, S!Designment archive, Alfred-Wegener-Institut – Mario Hoppmann, Folke Mehrtens, Stefanie Arndt, Elektrotechnik Thimm, Bender Italien, Telefónica, Bender UK, elektrosystembau bender, MES-Engineering Vietnam AdobeStock: 2013 Andrew Ostrovsky, chungking, urbans78, electriceye, Cathy Yeulet, taa22, Stockwerk-Fotodesign, pixel- freund, WestPic, Robert Kneschke, Andrey Popov 123RF: franz12 iStock: Martin Schuh, beerkoff Print: JD Druck. Lauterbach IMPRINT SUBSCRIPTION Would you like to receive a print version of the MONITOR twice a year and free of charge ? Please use the link or scan the code.