Why is the hospital market so important, including for Bender? Bender offers much more than just a range of electrical safety products for intensive care units and operating the- atres (Group 2 rooms), its portfolio also comprises holistic safety solutions for medical facilities. Today, complete automation can be provided for, right down to individual process areas, and the overall communication in a facility can be controlled. For example, we offer solutions for controlling operating theatre doors; if surgery is being performed inside, these block the doors or close and open them automatically. We also have display units for doors which provide details on the surgery under way and, if necessary, emit external alarms (back-up power supply off, laser warning on, etc.) which serve to warn and protect patients, medical staff and third parties. This is a key aspect for monitoring the procedures during surgery, taking any necessary measures and also avoiding postop- erative infections. What is the main area of interest and what are the needs of hospital operators? The requirements of hospital operators continue to grow and are not restricted to electrical safety. There is an ever greater need for control, automation, communication and monitoring systems. In modern hospitals, operational and error messages in the electrical system can be auto- matically reported by the Bender insulation fault locators extremely quickly. This saves both time and money and prevents the risk of a second simultaneous error. There is now a greater need than ever before for open, flexible systems with which a better power supply can be realised for all medical applications and this is the right solution for the health sector. What will be your main duties as head of the unit? To promote the concept practised in the Netherlands whereby Bender plays a central role in surgery and con- nects all the systems from the building control system through to workflow management as an example for the rest of the world. It is my task to develop the core business even further and drive forward adaptations for the local market. We want to raise awareness of Bender around the world. I will endeavour to manage this to enable as many of the Bender sales partners as possible to benefit from the experience of others and offer mutual support and also bundle together the Bender offering. I want Bender to become an attractive international business partner for operators of hospitals and medical locations. In the future, the national and international market needs to have different systems that link the core business more closely to processes. What are your main goals? Ultimately, the term “medical locations” should always be associated with Bender. The focus must also be on expanding the service to reflect the growing complexity of the systems. “ Holistic solutions for the electrical safety of intensive care units and operating theatres.” “There is an ever greater need for control, automation, communication and monitoring systems.” “Benefit from the experience of others and offer mutual support.” Michaela Heck M.A. textwerk-heck Mr van Beek, thank you very much for the interview. 55 1/2018 | MONITOR |