1/2018 | MONITOR | 03 content CON T E N T On German roads, electromobility has yet to get into its stride. Potential customers are only taking hesitant steps, while manufacturers have an uphill battle against numerous other problems ... The concept, of charging electric cars directly off roadside lighting (street lamps), is as simple as it is smart. Requests for the street lamp variant of the ‘Berlin’ charging point are coming in thick and fast ... Cadolto Fertiggebäude GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the Cadolto Group, established in 1890 in Cadolzburg near Nuremberg. The company is the Europe-wide leader in the construction and leasing of modular buildings ... The future of construction, which you can be part of Awaiting the big eMobility breakthrough The ‘Street lamp charger’ is coming 04 Awaiting the big eMobility breakthrough 09 Bender India wins two awards 10 International Congress: Bender present in electrical safety for the hospitals. 12 Protection objective: DC fault currents I NNOVAT I V E PRODUCT S 16 Universal measuring device PEM353: Energy data, limit value monitoring and power quality in one device 18 isoHV1685D-425: Optimised Monitoring of Induction Furnaces in the Medium-Voltage Sector 20 Intelligent monitoring of signalling power supplies in Great Britain: Bender technology follows new standards 24 Insulation monitoring device isoGEN423: Concealed earth fault monitor function 26 ISOMETER ® series iso685: Decisive advantages through early monitoring of insualtion resistances T ECHN I CA L APP L I CAT I ON 29 The ‘Street lamp charger’ is coming: The concept of charging electric cars directly off roadside lighting 32 High availability for reliable operation in waste water treatment facilities 35 Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg: Renovation and restructuring of the Operating theatres 38 NürnbergMesse relies on the monitoring devices from Bender: Interview on residual current technology and POWERSCOUT ® 42 Bender on board: Bender supports Formula Student rising stars from Pakistan BENDER I NHOUSE 44 We bring your application to our laboratory: Test bench for applications in the field of drive technology 46 Safety in Portugal: SISACOL Sistemas de Automação e Controlo, Lda. – The Portuguese representative of Bender CUSTOMER PORTRA I T 50 Introducing Bender’s partner Cadolto: The future of construction, which you can be part of 53 EXHIBITIONS 2018 54 INTERVIEW with Wouter van Beek , Managing Director of Bender Benelux and head of the “Hospital Solutions” business unit 56 PRACTICAL EXPERTISE : Connection of charging stations for electric vehicles Page 29 Page 50 Page 04