A visualisation is used to show graphically the structure and the state of your Bender system on a screen, for example, in the form of a circuit diagram or a plan. This gives you an excellent overview of your system, faults can be localised and traced much more faster and easier. Beside the display of operating and alarm messages and the currently measured values, historical data can also by displayed and analysed. It is also possible to create visualisations that can be displayed and operated on a remote computer. With the Bender gateway COM465IP Option D, it is possible to create a visualisation and to display and operate it in the network by means of a browser and a personal computer. Check if this meets your requirements. The visualisation is easy to configure, but can also be carried out by the Bender Service. Should you have any further requirements, the solution can be an individually programmed visualisation, which is able to run on a touch panel PC or a PC.
Example "Atics®"
Example "Atics®"

Our range of services:

Bender offers you the following solution package:

  • Bender gateway to connect your Bender system to a computer
  • Touch panel computer and/or computer with monitor for displaying the visualisation solution
  • Customer-specific programming of the visualisation solution using a high-performance software
  • On-site setting and testing of the visualisation

Your benefits:

This provides a constant overview about your system at any location.
Faults can be detected easily and therefore can be remedied faster. Correlations can be recognised and faults can be avoided in the future.

Order number: BS99106008

Preparation of an order

Preparation of an order

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