Main distribution boards in medical locations are necessary whenever

  • several buildings are concerned
  • the main distribution is located in a separate building
  • a hospital, for instance, is divided into various edificial sections
  • building sections are connected to each other by use of extraordinary long line which may determine a disruption of the supply conductor

DIN VDE 0100-710:2002-11, section 710.537.6.2 and IEC 60364-7-710 defines the specification of automatic changeover devices in a main distribution board. It has particularly to be considered:

  • Changeover devices in main distributions are installed within the area of safety power supply source
  • Voltage monitoring is carried out with all active conductors
  • Switching devices are safely interlocked to each other
  • Control circuits are equipped with a “single-fault-safety” as to section 710.521.6 resp. DIN VDE 0100-557
  • In case contactors are employed as switching devices. This means the max. possible rated operational current derives as product from factor 0.45 and the operational current of the contractor (AC-3) to prevent the contacts to weld during a short circuit.

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  • For the installation of individual changeover devices with load and/or circuit-breaker function
  • For load switches of different manufacture
  • Plug-and-play-mounted onto standard DIN rail racks
  • “Single-fault-safety” as to DIN VDE 0100-710:2002-11
  • medical locations


Optional accessories for USC710D4

FunctionUnTypeArt. No.
Relay module for alarm contact extension (option)AC 24 V
AC 230 V
Measuring current transformer for N conductor monitoringCTAC35

Variants of USC710D4

TypeUnControl current for circuit breakersOperating current for motor driveSpecial featuresPower consumption max.Art. No.
USC710D4-01-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 5 A< 5 A30 W*B92057101
USC710D4-02-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 2 A < 2 A 24 W*B92057102
USC710D4-03-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 5 A< 5 Afor generator operator33 W*B92057103
USC710D4-04-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 2 A< 2 Afor generator operator27 W*B92057104
USC710D4-05-HA3(N) AC 400/230 Vcontrol voltage 60 V30 W*B92057105
USC710D4-07-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 2 A< 5 Awithout open-circuit monitoring29 W*B92057107
USC710D4-08-HA3(N) AC 400/230 V< 2 A< 5 Aopen-circuit monitoring 24 V29 W*B92057108
* plus power dissipation of the circuit-breaker

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