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The programming adapter, PA100, is used to program Bender PEM… universal measuring devices equipped with a Modbus RTU interface. Operation is via an integrated web user interface in the device. Only one PEM… universal measuring device can be connected to the PA100 at any time.

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  • The PA100 provides an overview of the many setting options available in Bender PEM… universal measuring devices as well as a user-friendly way of changing these settings.
  • Displays stored PEM alarm/measurements as well as the contents of the history memory.
  • Backup/report function. All PEM… settings and measured values are saved in an HTML file on the PC. By creating a backup, data loss by accidentally deleting the settings, for example, is avoided. In addition, the backup file can be imported into another PEM… of the same type. This may be required when a PEM… is replaced or when multiple PEM… devices are to be configured for similar tasks.


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