Innovative technologies for safe handling of electrical power to achieve high availability

We offer you first-class quality and safety combined with global service and every support in resolving your monitoring problems.

  • Electrical safety for unearthed power supplies (IT systems)
  • Insulation monitoring equipment, insulation fault location systems
  • Power supplies for medical applications
  • Measuring and monitoring relays
  • Electrical safety for earthed power supplies (TN systems)
  • Using renewable energies efficiently: wind power, photovoltaics
  • Test systems for electrical equipment and medical technology


- This device series is in the discontinuation phase. -
Deliverable according to availability until 31.12.2022

Downloads for LINETRAXX® PEM735

Manuals PEM735 5.4 MB ES13.05.2019 10:31:54D00084
Manuals PEM735 Anhang 1.6 MB DE13.05.2019 10:31:41D00084
Manuals PEM735 Annex 1.6 MB EN13.05.2019 10:31:50D00084
Manuals PEM735 - Webserver 2.3 MB DE13.05.2019 10:31:41D00084
Manuals PEM735 - Webserver 2.3 MB EN13.05.2019 10:31:50D00084
Quickstarts PEM735 1.3 MB DE30.06.2020 07:04:29D00084
Quickstarts PEM735 1.3 MB EN30.06.2020 07:04:31D00084
Manuals PEM735 6.7 MB DE09.06.2022 10:46:24D00084
Manuals PEM735 6.6 MB EN09.06.2022 10:48:15D00084
Software PEM735 Webserver-Firmware V1.01.03 + Webserver v1.00.658 3.4 MB 13.05.2019 10:31:59D00084
Software PEM735 Webserver v1.00.687 669.4 KB 21.10.2021 07:44:36D00084
Flyer Power Quality 549.0 KB DE23.07.2019 08:57:05
Flyer Power Quality 468.0 KB EN25.05.2022 07:22:04
Flyer Power Quality 508.3 KB ES23.07.2019 08:57:19

LINETRAXX® PEM735 Variants

Nominal system voltageCurrent inputNominal frequencyType*Art. No.
3(N)AC 100…690 V5 A50 HzPEM735B93100735
3(N)AC 100…690 V5 A60 Hz**PEM735-465B93100740

* Variants: The consideration of different nominal frequencies is necessary to compliance the accuracy classes.
** Frequency: availability and delivery time on request.