TM Series Alarm and control panels

TM Series Alarm and control panels

TM-panels have become an essential tool to support medical personnel in hospitals. TM series alarm and control panels display messages on operation, warnings and alarms as plain text shown as individual multiple line texts on a LC-display.

On principle any type of message can be linked to an individual text via digital inputs, outputs or interfaces, respectively.

The text display comprises 20 characters for each of four items (8 mm high). The first three lines serve to display messages; the fourth line shows status conditions (date, time, account of actual error and warning messages). All text messages can be individually programmed.
Any single element belonging to one backlit pushbutton block may be individually programmed via PC-software. For example:

  • Switch
  • Pushbutton
  • LED
  • Acoustic message
  • Text message

The linking with the chosen input, output or interface, respectively, is realised with the free available PC-software TMK-Set.

This is a main advantage of TM-panels:  Since there is no modification of the hardware necessary, changes of individually coded functions may later on be carried out easily and whenever needed.

  • Features
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  • Clear messages due to a large text display allowing optionally additional text to further support personnel
  • Integration of other equipment via digital input, outputs with LED-status indication, relay outputs, opto-coupler outputs, integration in other bus systems, respectively
  • Up to 120 backlit pushbuttons available
  • History memory for 1000 warning and error messages
  • Programming of panel via USB-interface
  • Easy to clean sealed membrane surface
  • Protection class up to max. IP54
  • Reflection-free antibacterial membrane surface
  • Labelling and colour of signal lamp caps exchangeable on-site
  • Integration into central entry of all warning and error messages via OPC-server (optionally)
  • Buttons to display additional texts, signal lamp test, clearing acoustic messages, read-out of history memory
  • Integration of many 3rd party equipment behind membrane surface
  • Hospitals
  • medical locations


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